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Study Abroad at Bangor University in Wales, UK

Many students choose to study at Bangor University, North Wales as visiting study abroad scheme students. Every year, well over 100 students from North, Central and South...

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Arthurian and Fantasy Literature Summer School

Delve into Arthurian Literature and learn more about this famous We will begin by examining the roots of the Arthurian mythos in both history and legend, in the Mabinogion...

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Celtic Studies Summer School

This two-week summer school explores material from Celtic and Prehistoric; Medieval and Modern Wales, with focus on fields such as the Welsh King Arthur; the Age of the Princes;...

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Health Services Research Bangor Summer Schools !

The inaugural School of Healthcare Sciences Health Services Research Summer School offers the unique opportunity to gain access to internationally renowned experts in a variety...

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Wales? Bangor? Why study abroad there? Is that even a place?

Yes. Yes, it is. And it is worth a consideration. I'm just going to list off the reasons, to save you time.

1. Bangor is a small town, run by a small-ish college. It is on the coast, and it feels like it is on the country side. Parks, trees and easy access to nature everywhere.
2. The people. You get to integrate with all of the student body. The transition is smooth, and you feel like you're a transfer student rather than a study abroad student. Much credit to the international office and Mr Andrew Griff. He's the best. You are also placed in a flat where people want to meet you, and become friends with you. I will keep in touch with my flatmates for years to come.
3. The course. You pick your courses, you pick the school(s) of which you want. You get what you want, and everything is in your own power.
4. The nightlife. The nightlife is run by the college students of Bangor. Pubs are popular around the town, and everyone ends up at Academi at the end of the night. Best college night life out of all 30+ of the other people I know abroad all over the world.
5. Serendipity. Sere-what? This is when you get introduced to the student clubs. You get to join clubs and you are treated like a regular student. I joined the basketball team, for example. This is where you really start to meet people from all over. Try and find another study abroad program with that.
6. Travel. With the 18-26 railcard, you get cheaper access to the rail system, and travel is still (somewhat) easy. It just may take a long time in some cases. The schedule of classes also lets you travel. (you can miss a few as well ;)) I went to Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Munich, Athens, Prague and Milan. 5/6 over weekends.
7. People speak english, yet you hear the local language, Welsh, a lot. Still a vastly different culture.
8. The food. College cafes, local food, are all superb. Grocery shopping is also cheap.

Just don't live in St. Mary's. It is not located where you want to be as a student. You'll know why when you get here.

Best of luck with this process!

Program: Study Abroad at Bangor University in Wales, UK