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Thai Elephant Village Volunteering

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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  • Day to Day Life


Not joking about the above average rating

I can't begin to express how overly impressed i was. First of all the staff was over the top helpful. whenever i wanted to do something on the weekend they were there at my every need and helped me at my every step even when they had their weekend free they did not hesitate to help me. for example i had injured my foot on my last day and desperately needed crutches, one of my coordinators (Chira S.) took time out of his weekend and bought me some and brought them to me. All of the staff there helped me feel right at home, including the homestay. The homestay felt more of a home than my own home. the families there were so kind and warm and started to feel like my own family.
Now for the work, the work didn't feel like work- but not in a bad sense, in a sense that it was fun and interesting and new to me. Because now i can say i have cut bamboo, and planted it. on top of that bathing the elephants was over the top so incredible making me feel one with the elephant . the time i got to spend with them hands on and feed, love and watch them will forever leave a mark on my heart.
and Most of all, the other volunteers i met. i was there for a month so i got to meet more than one group. and each of them i will forever cherish the moments we all spent together. i will never forget them and now I'm glad to say how wide my friendship group is expanding all around the world.
This trip has left an impact on my life and has changed me for the better. i am so thankful i got the time to do this and i can't wait to do more.