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University College Dublin

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Save Money!!!!!

Don't go through Arcadia if you are traveling here the expense is enormous and there is almost no pay off at all! I am paying almost $10,000 more than some who directly enrolled in University College Dublin "UCD". (UCD is great btw)

The only benefits of Arcadia are:
1. They give UCD your application. You can easily do this on your own.
2. They sign you up for housing. Again, you can do this online on your own! You will save so much money and have the option to live in the city or wherever you want.
3. They organize trips for you in Ireland. But these trips are on weekends when you're traveling to other countries and oh yeah you have to pay an additional cost for these. Also UCD organizes very similar and total free trips as well.

Arcadia is a scam. They have made promises to check over our classes before registration ended, process payments from UCD, and track our travel plans for safety reasons. They have failed to fulfill these promises. What am I paying for? No idea.