Queen Mary University of London
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Queen Mary University of London

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9/ 10

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Anxious Student Finds Home Away From Home

Before studying abroad in London, I was beyond anxious and scared. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and living away from everything and everyone I knew and loved for 5 months seemed impossible. A year later, I still think about my life in London daily, and I have not one regret about studying abroad. The Arcadia program made me feel comfortable almost immediately after stepping off the plane in Heathrow. The first few days, when I was so overwhelmed, Arcadia had activities and information sessions planned, so that I could feel some normalcy and become comfortable in my new home. My best friends from studying abroad came from the Arcadia program because we started out together and were very like-minded...we all wanted an adventure! Throughout the semester, Arcadia had planned trips that made it easy to explore some places, such as Stonehenge, that would have been difficult to do on my own. The staff and directors in London were always very friendly and helpful, and I could tell they wanted to make sure every student had the best experience possible. I highly recommend the Arcadia program at Queen Mary. As a student, you get the security of an American program, but the experience of living and taking classes like a British student at a real college campus in East London. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything, and I'm thankful that I chose this program, because it made my experience abroad the best it could be.