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Anglo Educational Services (AES) has been arranging internships for American students for over 20 years and benefits from strong relationships with a large number of companies...

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London as a Psychology major

Interning in London was the greatest academic experience I have ever had. My internship placement was absolutely perfect for me, and as a psychology student was very beneficial as it was completely hands on and very interactive. It was not a typical 'American' internship where the intern is grabbing coffee for their employers and making copies of things. My internship was not coordinated through Anglo, but my education through Birkbeck University and other social events were. For the most part, Anglo did a lovely job, though I think because of some majors changes within the company, there seemed to be a lack of communication and organization on their part. However, all of the staff at Anglo were wonderful and I do miss them terribly! They answered all of the questions I had and were a home away from home for me, personally.

I would highly recommend the program for anyone who is primarily looking to do an internship abroad. The internship, for me, were much more emphasized than the three required classes that I had to take. The program encourages you to make the most out of your internship. Also, I would recommend this program for those who are not too terribly interested in traveling while they are abroad--because class selection is limited, and you have to make sure your credits transfer over to your home school in order to graduate on time, your internship/class may fall on Fridays and Mondays, as was the case for me. Like I said, this program is really internship-heavy, especially with the work visa you are required to obtain. With this visa you must have 20 hours of work a week--if you miss a day you have to make it up, otherwise border control will be forced to send you home (as I was told). Personally, I did not have the time with classes and assignments to take a Monday or Friday off and go away for a weekend holiday, so I did not have the time to make up any missed hours at my internship during the week. So I did not do any traveling while I studied abroad.

Personally, I was perfectly fine with this as I really loved my internship. However, others with class on Fridays or Mondays instead of internship found it easier to travel.

All in all, I loved the program and highly HIGHLY recommend it! :)

Program: Anglo Educational Services - London Internships

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