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Rural Thai School

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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I had a great time, without a doubt.

This project is near to perfect for volunteers who don't only want to give English lessons but also want to mean something to the teachers and children in another way. I would definitely recommend Andaman Discoveries because this is such a good organisation. They always got time for you and are thankful towards volunteers. I had a great time, without a doubt.

The pre trip preparations or support was really fast, I got an answer right away whenever I sent an email and when you arrive at the school, everyone is very friendly. All of the lessons are given by live broadcasts on t.v. The children have a schedule of their lessons which is the same every week. Although the live lessons are boring, the children still do their best in class. They are very thankful.

What I found most rewarding was the fact that the children and teachers show their appreciation everyday. The children start to give hugs and everything, the teachers also say words of thanks. What I found most challenging was finding a balance between the t.v and interactive ways to teach the children and also the focus on results instead of process. The challenging part of this project is also the most interesting besides that it's good to also see the positive things about the t.v and not only the need for changing this way of teaching.