Get AMPED Abroad: Orphanage/Daycare Volunteer or Internship
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Get AMPED Abroad: Orphanage/Daycare Volunteer or Internship

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Orphanage in Costa Rica

My overal experience in Costa Rica was fantastic. The people were wonderful, and I had a well-rounded schedule. Working at the Orphanage was a very challenging but fun experience for me. I stayed in Atenas and volunteered in Palmares (about 50 minutes away by bus). Although the bus ride was a little lengthy, I enjoyed the time to myself, and the views of the Costa Rican mountain side. The ride is very windy, so if you get car sick easily, this isn't the ride for you. My experience was a little different than I imagined, however. I was instructed to come with daily lesson plans for the children, but I learned to come with several different activities each day because the children didn't hold interest in one thing for very long. It was also hard being the only volunteer with 15 children. It is important to think on your feet and be patient when the kids all want your attention at once. They loved crafts, ball games, jump rope, and music. It was a very rewarding experience, but it definitely took a lot of work!