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Get AMPED Abroad: Community Center Volunteer or Internship in Costa Rica

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10/ 10

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The Best Experience

During my time in Costa Rica, I took Spanish lessons and helped with Christmas festivals at the community center, Su Espacio. This was one of my greatest experiences! I met the most wonderful people at Su Espacio, and worked closely with the owners, David and Corinna. The center offers language classes, dance and art classes and more. Everyone in Atenas was extremely warm and friendly. Working and learning at Su Espacio was one of my favorite parts of my volunteer experience. My Spanish classes were with David and he was extremely helpful. I highly recommend taking lessons from him if you are looking to improve your Spanish (or Italian) skills! No need to worry about your Spanish speaking skills initially, however, as many volunteers at the community center speak English as well (but it is definitely a great environment to practice your Spanish). I was living in Mexico prior to this opportunity and I found that learning and speaking Spanish in Costa Rica was much easier and enjoyable (the people seemed to be more patient). I highly recommend this program!