Egyptology in Cairo, Egypt (Semester/AY)
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Egyptology in Cairo, Egypt (Semester/AY)

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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I cannot imagine studying abroad with anyone else

AMIDEAST cares deeply about their participants emotional, physical, and mental well-being while they are abroad and after. I built incredible friendships with other students on the program, AMIDEAST staff, and local Egyptians. AMIDEAST was more affordable than any other program to Egypt but also offered more excursions and chances for cultural immersions than any other program. If you are going to the Middle East, you should go through AMIDEAST!

PHENOMENAL Arabic Professors and Egyptology Professors, but only three Egyptology courses offered per semester. Definitely do Egyptology in Practice it is life changing!

Living Situation:
Living in Egypt is going to be difficult no matter how hard you try, because Egyptian apartments simply do not have the same amenities as are standard in the States and things like getting the plumber to come over to fix something take much longer than in the States. But, AMIDEAST treats you the best that Egypt can provide, just know it won't be similar to what you are used to.

Cultural Immersion:
AMIDEAST provides you with sooooo many opportunities to get immersed whether it be language buddies, discussions, local excursions, cooking sessions, dance sessions, or weekend excursions. I cannot imagine a better program.

Program Administration:
Every person working for AMIDEAST is fabulous. Whether it be assisting you in academics, housing, immersion, personal issues, being abroad issues, boyfriend issues, everything, they are there for you and willing to help. I had great interactions with both the staff in Cairo and the staff in DC, as well as the staff in Oman who were willing to help us plan a Spring Break trip. Seriously the nicest people.