AIFS Study Abroad in London: Semester Internship
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AIFS Study Abroad in London: Semester Internship

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10/ 10

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Best Case Internship

This program was the best. The pre-departure staff was very helpful; I could call with any question and I would get a human on the other end that knew all of the answers. Every one of the staff just really wants you to be able to go abroad and get that experience. The on-site staff was amazing too. Our director felt like a mom there, looking out for us. We could go to her for anything. My London flat was a bit small--but that's expected in a city. It was clean and modern, and in nice condition. The meal plan option was much needed so we didn't have to spend all of our money on food. The cafeteria was not in our flat though, so for convenience to the interns that had to go to work every morning, they reimbursed us instead and we got to go food shopping and cook in our kitchen, which was very nice.
The internship placements themselves were really amazing. I'm a fashion student and was afraid I'd be stuck in retail somewhere, but I got to work with a couturier and had the best experience ever. Also, having a internship abroad really immerses you in the culture since you're part of the work force. The staff prepared us for our interviews very well, holding classes where we'd practice questions, elevator pitches, and appearance. Everything about this program was fantastic.

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