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AIFS Study Abroad in Grenoble, Management: Semester

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10/ 10

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A living dream

I chose Grenoble, France as my destination for study abroad based on a few criteria. I did not know the language (I wanted to immerse myself and learn as I lived there), I did not know anyone studying there or living there at that time (I wanted to exercise my independence and meet people on my own), I wanted to live with a host family (preferably who did not speak English so I could really learn and practice my French). I looked through many third party programs and stumbled upon AIFS. This program was everything I needed and more. AIFS gave me the opportunity to go on excursions with the group who were from all over the USA. We ate French traditional food, visited the most beautiful places together, met French students and toured around the city to get comfortable with our new living situations. The program also gave me the most incredible host family. My host mom and I became close despite our language barrier. AIFS allowed students to be as independent or involved at their preference. Our director was extremely caring and open to helping us with everything including travel plans, host family gift ideas, and even the simple local etiquette which we would only know by living in the city. The entire four months were the greatest experience of my life. I was able to experience the culture and the fun with the people I grew close to and the city I soon called home... without having to deal with the nitty gritty logistics which thankfully AIFS had already taken care of. Insurance was covered, tram passes were included in our payment, and paperwork for school was situated. These are just minor examples of what help and aid AIFS provided.

Incredible people, incredible program, incredible memories...

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