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Hostel-Permaculture Work Trader

Airesbuenos Hostel offers the opportunity to live and work in Chile with housing and meals provided for in a cozy ecohostel. Some of the projects include: - Hostel reception -...

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The forest queen

I have been honored with three months under the wings of hostel owner, VMS (Viella Marie Shipley). Three months, in which I every day felt appreciated and cared for. Three months, in which I managed to develop, liberate and learn more about myself, than I would have ever thought remotely possible. Engulfed by the presence of VMS, however, great and beautiful transformation can realize.

we all need our first kiss,
we all need our spiritual trip to India,
we all live through our first heartbreak,
Some things in life are and should be inevitable, the one thing that could truly and surely cure earth, would be everyone on the planet spending tree months in the life of Viella Marie Shipley

Do not get fooled by the bestial straightforwardness in everything, embrace the wonderfully real feeling of honest experiences. This is my dearest tip to anyone considering an encounter with VMS.

Program: Hostel-Permaculture Work Trader