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Spanish Language Courses in Madrid

Whether for personal interest, furthering education, or professional enhancement, AIL Madrid provides a whole range of Spanish courses to develop fluency and language proficiency...

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Unforgettable experience of learning Spanish abroad

If you are a business man and you need a proper level of the Spanish language to wipe your colleagues’ nose, Ailola School in Madrid is the right chance for any successful and forward-looking person. A business course is suitable for those who have already studied Spanish and had a required preparation and training. Taking into consideration the fact, that the Spanish language is predominant in the world and the number of professional contacts with Spanish-speaking partners is rather high and continues to grow, the Spanish language is becoming more and more popular on the world arena. The increasing of knowledge level of Spanish is one of the key factors of success. Most of all I liked our conversational club with native speakers. The classes were always in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and they were like open debates. The topics of our discussions were sometimes announced in advance. But more often they occurred spontaneously during our communication. Great attention was paid to the culture of Spain and Latin America. A conversational club is a great chance to try your communication skills in real conditions and situations. I’m completely satisfied with my Spanish now. My boss was real glad to offer me a promotion at work. And I accepted his offer with great joy. My parents are proud of me and my friends are envious of my brilliant results and progress. I liked my study at Ailola Madrid School and I’m going to continue my perfection next year. I highly recommend this School to anyone. Don’t hesitate and make your right choice!

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