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good experience

- Switzerland

August 10, 2018

Really good experience and I learn a lot of interesting things about animals and eco system but could be more cool if there is some activities organised like zulu course or game nights. really have a good time and meet a lot of amazing people

Once in a Lifetime Experience

- Israel

August 10, 2018

My experience with African Impact went beyond my expectations. Amazing Staff and Volunteers, meaningful communal activities and great social events! The guides on drives were interesting and informative. Our Photography coordinator Sam was Amazing and taught us a lot from his experience. Thank you so much for everything and see you next time!

Make an Impact

- Canada

August 10, 2018

Unless you stay at a very expensive and exclusive lodge you are not going to see the abundance of wildlife that Africa has to offer in a short period of time. By staying for a month with Africa Impact you are given the opportunity to go on multiple game drives and experience the true wildness of Africa. The bush camp in Klasarie was truly one of the most memorable experiences in my life. African Impact is dedicated to conservation and the community and I felt fortunate to be able to contribute to their goals. Every day was extremely organized and I was consistently impressed at how smoothly things ran. If you want to experience Africa and contribute at the same time then this opportunity is for you.

Photography (African Impact)

- United Kingdom

August 10, 2018

Amazing experience. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. I was able to improve my photography skills and apply my knowledge on each drive. I can even apply my new skills to my developing photography career back home. Thank you!

An experience to do

- Italy

August 10, 2018

This was a really incredible experience. You understand that you can be helpful for others people and you can do something very important for their future. The local people are awesome and very kind!!

Amazing experience

August 10, 2018

This project has been an amazing experience, it has been a full immersion in a completely different way of living, different but magical. The staff, as well as local people, are always ready to help you if you need something. The teaching experience made me grow a lot, the kids as well as the adult teachers taught me new things and made me feel proud for my little contribution.


- Norway

August 10, 2018

I had a great time in Antelope park. The staff is excellent, and the days has been so much fun. At Antelope park you are able to experience many things like polocrosse, horse safari, sleeping in the wild, walking the lions and elephants, helping the homeless and the orphans at the orphanage.

African impact

- United Kingdom

August 9, 2018

I took part in the combination project working on conservation and community projects. I had the opportunity to see amazing wildlife and support tasks within the community. I met some amazing people. It was hard work and you need to be prepared for long days with early starts but I have made memories to last a lifetime. I'm glad I did it.

Community Healthcare Project at Antelope Park

August 9, 2018

Antelope Park is a wonderful place. It has friendly staff, a beautiful location, and you get to see lots of amazing wildlife. Very responsible about voluntourism, which I love! As for its medical project, as the advertisement claims, you get to have hands-on experience with patients in clinics that are short-supplied and sometimes under-staffed-- The only complaint I had was with the timeliness of the transportation and activity level at the project. Half of the time, we would leave 15-45 minutes late, and the clinic was usually pretty slow. For example, patients don't come when the weather is cold (I wouldn't recommend the dry season), and tend to all come at once in the few hours of the morning rather than arriving evenly throughout the day-- this led to a lot of sitting around at empty posts for 3 or 4 hours in the evening with the occasional patient dropping in. I think that this is a wonderful project and that volunteering here could be a great experience. I just wish that we could have arrived on time (instead of at 9 am or beyond) most of the time so that we'd have been able to help during the few hours the clinic was actually busy. A bit disappointing if you are expecting to be working for most of the time and/or working in a busy environment.

Life-changing Experience

- United States

August 9, 2018

My time at Antelope Park was outstanding! Being able to have the freedom to join other projects really allowed me to have the most memorable experience possible. While on the medical project, I was able to assist with 3 births. Two of which happened when the medical coordinator, Blessings, went out of her way to arrange for us to do an overnight shift at the clinic. Staben, Mercy and Blessings were such great assets to the volunteers in the community. They took into consideration things that we wanted to experience and do in the community such as arranging our own home visit to give a new mother baby clothes and supplies.One of the top community experiences for me was traveling to a school in the bush in order to help them build new, safer buildings. During my time, we built the remainder of the bricks for the third building, put a roof on the second building and were working on installing the window panes. Since I was on combination project, that also meant that I was able to join in on lion activities when I had time. This meant that I had the opportunity to participate on lion walks with the cubs as well as feeding and watering the lions. Another aspect of the program that I believe AP excelled at was providing opportunities for volunteers to participate in additional experiences. During my time, I went on an overnight horse safari, a mule pulled carriage ride to see the sunset and a trip to Victoria Falls where I had the opportunity to go bungee jumping. Rosa is fantastic at making sure all aspects of your stay go smoothy. She is amazingly organized and receptive to all input that the volunteers have. Volunteering on this project not only introduced me to amazing volunteers from all over the world, but to an amazing staff that was open to sharing their culture with us. This was an experience of a lifetime!