Live the Adventure: Teach in Asia!
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Live the Adventure: Teach in Asia!

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Teaching English in Seoul, South Korea via Adventure Teaching

I wanted and dreamed of studying abroad so badly in college, however I just simply couldn't afford it. When I graduated, I met a friend who had spent the last 18 months in South Korea teaching English, saving money and traveling. It seemed like he was living the dream! I began to do my own research about what was involved with teaching abroad and stumbled upon Adventure Teaching, a company that specialized in South Korea. I was amazed with how detailed the website was and how much time and effort went into explaining the steps and overall process of getting yourself abroad. The program had no hidden fees like some recruiting agencies charge nor was the application difficult or lengthy. The staff always went above and beyond to answer my questions and to help with the paperwork that was involved. I almost miss the fun emails in my inbox from them, always knowing each one was a step closer to leaving for Seoul. I am now about two months into my journey in South Korea and they still check in with me to see how things are going with my school and living situation. I am 1000% pleased with the company and have even considered possibly applying to work with them when my travels are over to help other prospective teachers experience something as amazing as teaching overseas.