Advanced Studies in England, Semester or Full Year
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Advanced Studies in England, Semester or Full Year

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8/ 10

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Shakespeare, an Egg, and the Battle Raid of Cooley

I thoroughly enjoyed my time abroad with the ASE program and couldn't recommend a program higher for the humanities-focused academian. When I came home after three and a half months of living in the cultural heritage city of Bath, I realized that I had developed a huge appreciation for researching and experiencing source material first hand. For example (there are many!), I not only took a class on Shakespeare while abroad - I also spent a week living in Stratford-Upon-Avon, saw three plays at the RSC, and handled the original production book from the famous Peter Brooks' 1970 rendition of "Midsummer." Another demonstration of my appreciation could be seen in my I visit to Dublin, which I took specifically to see a statue of Cuchulain, the mythical hero of the Battle Raid of Cooley, because of how much I came to love my Myths & Legends lit course!
One of the best facets of this program was also the opportunity to intern with the Egg, the young people's theatre with of the Theatre Royal Bath. I was given an in depth view of theatre curriculum in English primary and secondary schools, and was able to participate in the Egg's production
Process of "Richard III". While this particular internship has since been discontinued, there are MANY more AMAZING interning opportunities that my peers partook in and loved.
My only negative (because I would hate to appear too biased) would be that this is an island program and, as such, it was sometimes difficult to interact with Brits in my age group. ASE did make sure to offer opportunities to mingle with local Bath Uni students, but they were often at odd times that conflicted with my internship schedule.
Overall, I couldn't say enough about this program, and would - if I could - do it again :-)