API at Suffolk University in Madrid, Spain
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API at Suffolk University in Madrid, Spain

Overall Rating

8/ 10

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An Unforgettable Semester

I would not have traded my Semester in Madrid for anything in the world. It was an experience I will never forget and nothing will ever compare to. I think Madrid is a great location if you love the hustle and bustle of a city and don't mind being far from the coast. I will say that is the one thing I missed while I was in Madrid, I've been lucky enough to always live near the coast in my life but this semester was an exception. But on the other hand, Madrid is a prime location if you're looking to travel Europe being that you're right near one of Europe's largest and most important airports. It is extremely easy and fairly inexpensive to travel around Europe from Madrid (easier than from other cities in Spain anyway). The nightlife in Madrid is so widely varied that no matter what type of experience you're looking for you're guaranteed to find it there. Spain in general is a great place to study abroad if you're looking for new experiences. If you like to try new food, listen to some new genres of music, and try out a new way of life, Spain is the place for you. API is a great program to study abroad with because they plan a number of great trips and organize some fun cultural events throughout the semester as well. They make the study abroad experience so smooth and comfortable that it becomes easy to feel right at home in your study abroad location. They were always extremely helpful when it came to needing to go to the doctor, to advice on ways to travel, to help with the language, etc. Suffolk University is a good school to attend if you're looking for an experience similar to that you would receive at any American university. The courses are fairly challenging but the variety of classes are slightly lacking. If you are coming from another university, make sure to look at the course offerings in advance and be sure that they are offering courses that are applicable to your major/minor. The professors there seem to be good overall and the staff there are extremely friendly. It took me a little bit longer than expected to settle in but at the end of the day I absolutely loved my experience living and studying in Madrid.