Jesus Trail Internship Program at Nazareth
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Jesus Trail Internship Program at Nazareth

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7/ 10

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The jesus trail, internship

I interned with the Jesus Trail for 3 months. I saw many incredible things and experienced many extraordinary people. To explore the Galilee, and to see Nazareth through the eyes of a local is, perhaps, a once in a lifetime experience.

The first time I saw the Sea of Galilee I was overcome with emotion. As I stood atop an extinct volcano and took in the breathtaking scenery I felt connected to thousands of years of history. Here I was looking at the lake which had been the contemplation of pilgrims for centuries — my own ancestors had pilgrimages to this Land and had seen the same views decades earlier.

The Trail connected me to nature, connected me to Spirituality, and connected me to people. The staff were very supportive and helped me along my journey; always quick to facilitate my needs, and to make sure I had a fulfilling placement.

The work was interesting and varied. From maintenance, to hiking, social media, marketing and orienteering. It was satisfying to hear the clients testimonies after they had successfully hiked the Trail.

For people interested in history, Israel, The Bible, cultures or nature; this is the internship for you.

Special thanks to: Gal, Suraida, Mark and Naama.