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Nepal Kathmandu Orphanage

My local Nepal coordinator and his family were a family to me. Let me tell you a real short story. The family which I came to know in 1st of November 2015 was The father of Mr. Sudhir, his Mother, his Wife Sarita, and little angel Sayon. Let me start by saying how lucky I were to have Baba on holiday back home on my very first week. He works away so I only meet him for a short time but enough time to see what a patient and loving dad he is. Not forget how easily he helped me to fit in as he was using some Arabic words with me. Second family member is Mama whom I have always felt her like my mother; she has been the very caring and loving person of the family. My very favorite is Mrs. Sarita my super women of the family, he has not only be a caring sister but only a very understanding part that I thank God for having her in that house. She has always understood me as I always find troubles explaining what I need to others. Last but not least is my coordinator, Sudhir, was a gene hahahaha. He was always reachable, caring and great support for me. He has organized everything for me perfectly so I never needed to worry about anything else. He is very detailed and the very best coordinator for a first time volunteer.
I would like to thank ABV for giving me this opportunity to explore myself and the world. I would also want to thank my homestay host family for their generous hospitality and care. I sure send my best thanks to my family, friends and colleagues who supported me and encouraged me to go on this trip. Finally, I call all humans out there from different nationalities, you must visit Nepal, there are a lot of people here to help and you could always balance your life changing volunteering work with amazing unforgettable adventures.