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A Guide to Language Programs in Venezuela

Draw yourself on that dreamy postcard of a faraway beach. Venezuela’s natural beauty is considered a wonder of the world and this South American treasure can astonish even the coldest heart. In Venezuela, toucans and parrots dye the sky in endless colors with their majestic feathers, and the sun rays light up even the darkest corner. You’ll be dying to learn Spanish, just to purely capture and emote your incredible surroundings. Ready to leave leave beginner-linguistists in the dust as you immerse yourself in this oft-overlooked and underappreciated (yet fabulously unique) Latin American hot spot? It may be time to enroll in language courses in Venezuela!


Home to some of South America’s most incredible landscapes, Venezuela is an ideal destination for any traveler thirsty for the knowledge of language. Unique grasslands full of wildlife, idyllic islands, the world’s highest waterfall, and Caribbean coastlines, are only a few samples of all the wonders we can find within its borders. One of the most valued characteristics of Venezuelan heritage is the richness of its culture and language, which has given rise numerous places in which students can get immersed in and learn it. 

Margarita Island lies in the Caribbean ocean and with its idyllic charm, majestic deep blue waters, gorgeous sunsets, and endless llanero music nights, you can guarantee to be ultimate zen mode while studying. If you wish to make your experience even more complete, you can enroll in a Spanish course in Playa El Ángel to increase your language’s skills and then practice them outdoor in a dreamed stage! Well known for the quality of its beaches, this island Paradise covers a wide range of activities in which students can fill their free time with, such as, windsurfing, horseback riding, and scuba with a laid-back South American vibe. 

Merida is a Colonial Andean city located on a tableland nestled in the valley of the Chama River, which runs from end to end. The atmosphere is indiscutible and you can always find someone to talk to and improve your language skills with. Besides this, language learners can fill their free time by going fishing to the Mucubaji lake, exploring the botanical garden, or even the massive glaciers. For those who chose this city in order to become a language wizz, then a visit to the Venezuelan Andes is a must. You can go there to hike to the top or by the famous “Teleferico,” the longest and highest cable car in the world. Isn’t that cool? 

Caracas is the capital and most populated city in Venezuela. Due to its privileged location close to the coast, but also next to the Avila mountain, it has a perfect climate. In addition, Caracas is perfect for visitors who want to enjoy the epicentre of this wonderland! As a cultural centre, Caracas is an ideal city to learn Spanish in Venezuela. You’ll have the chance to experience the great outdoors as your classroom; you may even spot a curious parrot or two listening in to the lesson!

Language Programs in Venezuela

Language courses in Venezuela can fit any curious palette, ranging from English to indigenous tongues. Although there are at least 40 languages spoken around Venezuela, Spanish is the language spoken by the majority of Venezuelans. Piapoco, Baniwa, and Wayúu are only a few of all the indigenous languages which can be heard in some remote tribes, spoken as they did centuries ago.

Numerous universities, colleges, and language schools in Venezuela offer a variety of courses for local and international students. Some language schools in Venezuela even offer specialized programs which allow students to improve their language skills while taking courses in other subjects as well, such as medicine or business. All language programs in Venezuela, regardless of the specific institution, give students the chance to learn Spanish while discovering the astonishing natural beauty of Venezuela.

While attending language lessons in Venezuela, pupils will have the unique opportunity to learn Spanish and trek through jungle areas and tropical beaches outside of the classroom. Learning a new language and experiencing real adventure in Venezuela is always a good choice for those who want to find themselves practicing what they’ve learned in the classroom in some remote exotic jungle or tropical virgin beach. Going to the beach to make a bonfire with your classmates, teacher, and maybe even some random locals, is not unusual for language learners in Venezuela; good travels should be measured in friends instead of miles. 

As if you were in a scene from the film Dinosaurs (yes, that exact jungle does exist in Venezuela), you immerse yourself in endless adventures while taking language courses in Venezuela. Although Venezuela has been a chosen place to shoot films like Up and Jurassic Park, this is a place where the reality outdoes fiction in all ways imaginable. 

Costs & Affordability

Unbelievably low-priced, Venezuela is one of the cheapest countries in South America. For one dollar, you can buy 12 beers (yes, that’s right, one whole dozen!). One of the reasons for Venezuela’s astronomical affordability is that the country has more oil reserves than the rest of the world, so you can buy a full tank of gas to travel around the country and practice your new language skills for less than the cost of a bottle of water.

Beside this, Venezuela is a country of stunning natural beauty, so you won’t have to spend a bolívar to enjoy all of its allure. Doing things like hiking mountain tops, which hide the world’s oldest rocks, or exploring legendary rivers of gold will take your breath away, and it will be free!

Due to its charming and melodious accent, there are plenty of scholarships that can apply to language courses in Venezuela, especially if you choose to attend local universities. Depending on your budget, you might choose a shorter or longer program or intensive or extensive courses, but during any language program in Venezuela, you’ll be able to fulfil your dreams in a cost-effective way.

Accommodation & Visas

Venezuela is called “the Land of Grace,” and every traveler who comes here understands why; the words “angry” or “grumpy” don’t make any sense to Venezuelans because the country radiates good vibes. The great atmosphere that surrounds people in Venezuela leads to a friendly, helpful, and happy population, which is always ready to welcome foreigners.

The lovely locals are the reason why staying with a host family is the most popular accommodation choice among language students in Venezuela; homestays are cheap, secure, and students can get deeply immersed in Venezuelan culture while practicing their language skills (win-win!). Venezuelans open minded character makes students often define their homestay experience in two words: absolutely incredible. Students don’t just become temporary guests, but rather, a part of the family.

If you’re planning to attend language courses in Venezuela for longer than 90 days, you’ll need a Student Visa, which has varying requirements depending on where you apply, but it’s a really simple procedure regardless. Check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory to discover all the consulates and embassies that are waiting to help you!

Benefits & Challenges

Venezuela’s tropical climate inadvertently makes the words “hot” and “cold” futile, because the temperature always seems to be simply perfect. You won’t have to be carrying tons of clothes “just in case” in order to enjoy this natural treasure (which, by the way, the United Nations ranked amongst the top 10 biodiverse countries in the world). Bienvenido al Paraíso!

If you attend language school in Venezuela, you’ll not only be taught by professional teachers, you’ll also be learning outside of the classroom. From laying on a hammock to drinking a refreshing “chicha” in a coconut to being surrounded by palms and a crystalline sea or exploring a tropical jungle, you’ll always be developing your language skills!

“Don’t go there, you’re crazy!” say the naysayers, but It’s so worth the risk! Besides the country’s reputation, or maybe because of that, Venezuela is one of the most unique places to visit in the world. This perception may be your main challenge to convincing your friends of your travel plans, but you’ll always be safe in Venezuela if you act with caution.

Take the plunge and just book that ticket; it might change your life! If you dream of speaking Spanish as a local and enjoying magical sunsets, sandy beaches, and endless dancing nights feeling the beat of exotic Latino, language programs in Venezuela should be the first on your bucket list. Consider what it would be like learning that language that you’ve spent so long thinking about in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where the sea and the sky blend in reddish tones on the horizon. We can meet there, because as the song says “Yo me quedo en Venezuela.”

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