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A Guide to Language Programs in Thailand

You’ve seen photos of the epic skyscrapers, the long white beaches, and the blue lagoons. You’ve braved spicy pad see ew. You’ve sat through conversations with your friends as they pine, “Thailand is at the top of my bucket list!”; yet, it has always felt so unattainable to you, but how come? Dare yourself to live a little on the wild side and explore one of the world’s most extrinsic nations! Take the leap to tackle this incredible culture, and let it help you build the language skills you need to smash down the doors you wish to unlock. 


Thailand offers a range of versatile locations, where students can discover a range of language schools and expect a high quality education assimilating into the truly special Thai culture. Perhaps you imagine yourself as a type of Carrie Bradshaw, getting lost within a labyrinth of twisting urban streets under a canopy of city lights, or maybe you prefer to experience the acclaimed dramatic coastline of Pattaya, or the glistening lowland fields in the northern rural districts. Take your time to assess your own needs and what you would like to get from your experience before deciding on a location for your language courses in Thailand.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and has become renowned for its erratic city life infused with ornate Buddhist shrines and wooden temples. A multi-faceted city, which seems to undergo a personality transplant with every street corner, it has become the perfect place for language students interested in learning more about Thailand’s history, due to its provision as a cultural hub for all things art and film. Students should take the time to visit some of the country’s most beautiful landmarks while attending language schools in Bangkok, including The Grand Palace and Lumphini Park.

Situated in the most northern province of Thailand, Chiang Mai is incensed with its quest for constant renewal. The name “Chiang Mai” translates to “the new city.” This, combined with the town’s reputation for being the creative hub of Thailand, students can expect to find a landscape filled with artists and sculptors in search of their newest muse. Hundreds of universities offer language courses in Chiang Mai, both for Thai and English, as well as the opportunity to undertake programs in teaching language.

Pattaya dishes up the true Thai experience, due to its blend of sandy beaches and bustling towns. Students will find the best of both worlds, as they’ll be able to take a peaceful stroll along the golden coastlines while soaking in the view of vibrantly blue waters, all the while still remaining close to the amenities of city life. If you are new to language courses, then Pattaya might just be the best place for you to attend language school in Thailand, because it has become increasingly popular with Western students; you can be assured you won’t be alone in learning Thailand’s mother tongue, or another language.

Language Programs in Thailand

Thai is the main language of choice among language programs in Thailand; however, a multitude of resources are available for those hoping to develop their English skills. From universities to training centers and high schools to private lessons, you should take some time to consider what you hope to achieve from your language courses in Thailand before selecting a method of instruction.

You need to be mindful that there are different variations of the Thai language as well as a variety of dialects and registers. For instance, there is a distinction made between how language is used in northern Thailand and southern Thailand. If you want to pursue a career in either business or teaching, then there are various language learning opportunities specifically made for you in Thailand. Pattaya is home to many language schools, which garner language lessons to train students in niche areas, such as language for business and finance.

You should also consider whether you learn better working within a group or by yourself. There are a range of language programs in Thailand, whether you wish to study in a one-on-one setting or in a classroom. Working with a private tutor allows you more flexibility with what you want to learn. Your tutor will have a higher capability of customizing your lesson in order to directly target your language needs, whereas learning in a classroom environment allows you to practice speaking the language with others. Group language courses in Thailand will also encourage you to practice your social skills and interact with others that have the same learning objectives as you.

A number of language programs in Thailand offer cultural electives, which will allow you to become more familiar with the customs and traditions of Thailand. Language schools in Thailand may have high expectations when it comes to the dedication of their students; the harder you are willing to work, the more you develop your skills! Not only in a linguistic sense, you will also receive a boost in self-confidence personally as you recognize your fluency improvements.

Costs & Affordability

The cost of language courses in Thailand depends on the type of program. Learning in a classroom with a group is relatively cheaper than hiring a private tutor. The cost of living in Thailand is roughly 40 percent lower than many countries in the Western world. While you still should make a suitable budget of your expenditures, you can expect to only spend 1000 Baht (around $30) a month on transportation. Collecting a regular cappuccino in the morning to fuel your raging caffeine addiction/language-learning-superpowers costs as little as 60 Baht (about $1 or $2) in some regions, and you may find yourself only spending 13,000-15,000 Baht (the equivalent of $300 to $400) a month on rent for an inner city apartment.

You’ll even find that many language programs in Thailand are willing to help you find suitable accommodation that is close to your place of study, which will help you save on travel expenses. There are even language schools in Thailand that offer full scholarships! You could even get creative and exploit the wonderful markets that line the piers every weekend to do some of your weekly shopping. Thailand has many cities that attract hundreds of locals and tourists alike who are keen on bargaining, so you can find even lower prices than you anticipated.  

Accommodation & Visas

When applying for a visa to attend language courses in Thailand, be sure to look over GoAbroad’s Thai Embassy Directory, as you may come across certain restrictions when applying for a student visa. You will need to have an official acceptance letter from your host university or language school in Thailand, in order to apply for your visa, as well as a copy of an airline ticket and a positive recommendation from either a previous employer or resident university.

When it comes to housing, remember that many language students have been in the same boat as you and have managed to easily find suitable accommodation fairly quickly. You will be able to find affordable accommodation to suit any budget and access to a wide range of restaurants, markets, and shops almost anywhere in Thailand. Regardless, still exercise extreme caution when laying down money for a place to avoid being conned.

If you wanted to cut down on cost, many Thai families offer up their residence as a homestay, which can be a unique way of meeting others and immersing yourself into the Thai day-to-day life. Alternatively, universities offer student accommodation, which are fairly high-quality; keep in mind that they are rarely furnished, so you should be prepared to pack all necessary house supplies. 

Benefits & Challenges

Adaptable. Thailand has a wide ranging landscape and selection of cities within each region, each one holding its own unique identity. You are bound to find a location that is perfect for your language studies in Thailand! You will easily assimilate into the Thai lifestyle, thanks to the residents’ open hearts and hospitality for newcomers.  

Traffic. We know, we know: traffic jams are no new nuisance. Any Westerner is particularly familiar with sitting for hours in a seemingly endless trail of motor vehicles. However, this is still a challenge that you will need to prepare for before your language courses in Thailand. Thus, suss out your area when you arrive and try and discover any useful hacks you can use to move around a little faster. Try and avoid taxis when you first arrive, as dealing with cab drivers can take some getting used to. They’ll likely try to take advantage of foreigners, so keep your eye out at all times, and if you spot anything fishy, demand to be let out immediately. 

As one of the most open-minded and modern countries in Asia, anyone can comfortably move to Thailand and start a new language learning chapter of their life. Language students will find that the remarkably low prices, cost of living, eccentric nightlife, and thriving cities provide them with a sense of liberty unobtainable back home!

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Language Programs in Thailand


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