Russian Language Schools in Russia

Russian Language Schools in Russia

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A Guide To Learning Russian in Russia

As the world’s largest nation, Russia has 11 time zones, 16 international borders, and centuries of globally significant history. Does the thought of world-class culture set your veins on fire (or is that just the vodka)? While learning Russian in Russia, Tchaikovsky and the globally revered ballet companies will be just a hop, skip and a cabriole away, and, if you’ve got six days to spare, the Trans-Siberian Railway awaits. Choosing to gryzt granit nauki (“crunch the granite of science” or “study”) in Russia is more than learning a new alphabet; it will give you a window into one of the world’s most entrancing countries.

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Hutong School

China’s no. 1 Mandarin school offers group and private classes for all levels of Mandarin learners. Schools in China and abroad

Find Russian Language Courses in Russia

Study Russian in Russia

Language Link offers a wide range of flexible and affordable Russian language courses for all levels in comfortable, modern locations. Apart from the standard general, intensive, and conversational Russian courses, the school also offers academic and business Russian, exam ...

Standard Russian in Moscow - with Study Abroad Option

Don’t just learn a foreign language in your home university. Do it abroad, in the country where it is actually spoken! And if you’re interested in learning Russian, we have the perfect opportunity in Moscow. With the increasing need to learn modern and communicative Russian, ...

Russian Language School in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg offers innumerable sights, events, and activities for visitors from around the world. Eurocentres provide Russian lessons in a 19th century building close to the Russian Museum, the Mikahilovsky Zamok, and parks. Classrooms are equipped with TV/DVD sets, free ...

RUSSIAN with PASSION - Liden & Denz

Whatever your reasons for learning Russian, you are in good company. Interest in the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy is no longer confined to an academic sphere. Demand for modern and communicative Russian is on the increase, be it for professional purposes or pure ...

Eurolingua - Russian in Moscow

We are very pleased to invite you to Moscow, Russia. If you would like to combine a Russian language or Russian Culture programme with a visit to one of the world's most fascinating cities, then this is the place for you. GRINT Centre for Education is non-commercial ...

Learn Russian in Russia

They speak of a Russian soul, those who dream of a country as large as a continent, of a skin-deep melancholy that only grave hymns can ease. That spirit still lives on, in the taverns of Saint Petersburg, where storytellers come to recite verses which have run down through the ...

Budget Low Cost - St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Study in Russia, at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 18 yrs. Low cost. Earn college credit. Transcript issued by the University. Low cost housing on campus. Russian Language & Culture program. Cultural ...

Russian Language Course and Immersion in Moscow, Russia

Learn Russian in Moscow, enjoy your Russian learning vacation in this unique city dating back 850 years. This city has so much to offer, ancient monasteries and ultra-modern monoliths stand side by side. Moscow's energy lies within its many neighborhoods, each of which is ...

Study Russian in St. Petersberg, Russia

The NRCSA Center in St. Petersburg was founded in 1992 as a private organization teaching Russian to foreigners, and was recognized by the local St Petersburg government as a private language training institute in 1995. Programs are offered year-round. There will be guest ...

Russian Language School

The Russian Language School attached to Derzhavin Institute offers interesting and highly organized all-year-round training and cultural programmes. It can be a summer course of Russian language for those who would like to combine vacation and study, a course of Russian language ...

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