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Live & Learn Russian in Moscow or St Petersburg

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are by far Russia's largest and most culturally significant cities. With a rich history and many historic monuments and areas, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are ideal places to learn the Russian language! Our Live and Learn program is a unique experience for all participants. You'll be placed in the home of your own Russian instructor (and their family) in either Mo...


Russian Language School in Moscow

Take Russian courses with Eurocentres in Moscow. The program offers general language and long term courses to students from around the world. The school is located close to the Byelorussian Railway Station, the terminus for trains from Berlin and Warsaw. The small, friendly and exclusive school features 10 classrooms, a self-access learning centre, and a state-of-the-art technology including fr...


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International Programs

Travel to Moscow, Russia’s cosmopolitan capital that has inspired poets and authors. Representing both past and present aspects of the country, it is the perfect destination to learn the Russian language. Interested? Find the course that meets your learning goals or needs! • Standard Group Course: 20 lessons a week • Intensive Group Course: 25 lessons a week • Combined Course (20 group...


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RUSSIAN with PASSION - Liden & Denz

Whatever your reasons for learning Russian, you are in good company. Interest in the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy is no longer confined to an academic sphere. Demand for modern and communicative Russian is on the increase, be it for professional purposes or pure pleasure! Learn in St. Petersburg - the jewel of Imperial Russia and UNESCO World Heritage site; Moscow -Russia’s powerhouse and...


Learn Russian in Moscow, Russia

Study Russian at the NRCSA Center in Moscow. Founded in 1992, the institute is a private organization that specializes in teaching Russian to foreigners. It got the recognition as a private language training institute by the local St Petersburg government in 1995. The NRCSA Center in Moscow provides programs year-round. Students get access to all facilities, including a self-access center, ...


Learn Russian in Russia

ESL Language Studies Abroad offers high quality language study programmes from a wide range of destinations including Russia. Students from all over the world can get a closer look of the Russian soul by studying Russian language. Live and study in Moscow and St. Petersburg and experience the culture. Courses offered by ESL includes general language and preparation for language exams.


Russian Language Course and Immersion in Moscow, Russia

Learn Russian in Moscow, enjoy your Russian learning vacation in this unique city dating back 850 years. This city has so much to offer, ancient monasteries and ultra-modern monoliths stand side by side. Moscow's energy lies within its many neighborhoods, each of which is unique and waiting to be discovered. Close to the main train station (Belorussian Station) in a quiet and safe neighbo...


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Language Link

Language Link offers a work-study program in which participants spend about half their time studying Russian and the other half teaching English or their mother tongue as a foreign language in Russia. The option of translation work is also possible for applicants with a sufficiently high level of Russian. The program is an excellent opportunity to acquire paid international work experience whil...


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Direct Low Cost - Russian Studies in Russia

Study Russian language and culture studies in Moscow or St. Petersburg on this low cost program offered by CSA. The program is open to all students and adults worldwide. Courses are offered in 6 levels, from Beginners through Advanced for 20 hours each week, 4 hours a day. The program is offered in weekly or monthly terms and available from January to November. There are a maximum of 12 student...


One-to-one lessons. Teacher only for you!

Take one-to-one lessons at the Moscow Russian Language School of A. Sibiryakov located in Moscow. Participants get they chance to learn the Russian language in an actual Russian social environment, and not just an artificial environment created for foreign students. Students are encouraged to join the program alone for optimal results, as they will be forced to practice Russian all day. You...