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Language Link

Language Link offers a work-study program in which participants spend about half their time studying Russian and the other half teaching English or their mother tongue as a foreign language in Russia. The option of translation work is also possible for applicants with a sufficiently high level of Russian. The program is an excellent opportunity to acquire paid international work experience whil...


Kazan Innovative University named after V.G.Timiryasov (IEML)

Study Russian, one of the world's most widely spoken languages, in Kazan, Russia. The language is beautiful and rich. It is also not as hard as it seems at first. Whether students speak Russian fluently or have just started to learn it, the language summer school will be interesting and useful. Kazan Innovative University named after V.G. Timiryasov (IEML) is one of the largest private unive...


Russian Language School - Enjoy Russian

Sign up for our Full Russian Language Immersion program, which includes intensive Russian courses led by creative and professional teachers. There will be cultural activities as well, allowing you to immerse in the country’s culture and heritage. You will stay with a Russian host family and communicate with locals, which are all great opportunities to practice the language 24 hours a day! Our p...


Learn Russian in Russia

AMBergh offers you the opportunity to improve your Russian language skills. We offer a wide range of courses to individuals or groups from a wide variety of backgrounds, including students and business people. Travel to dynamic Moscow, beautiful St Petersburg, Odessa at the Black Sea or Vladivostok at the Pacific Ocean. Currently we are cooperating with universities and language schools in the ...


Eurolingua Institute

Eurolingua Institute offers foreign language training in some 40 countries worldwide. Languages taught include Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian. Students will learn to speak their target foreign language fluently like a native in a minimum of time on a unique Eurolingua One-to-One Language Homestay. They will live and lea...