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Volunteer, Learn Arabic and Live Palestinian Daily Life

Travel to Palestine to volunteer, learn Arabic and live the Palestinian daily life. There are many exciting opportunities waiting for you in Palestine! The Excellence Center in Palestine is offering volunteer programs ideal for internationals interested in visiting Palestine, living with a Palestinian host family, volunteering with community members and university, school students, and learning...


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Teach English Learn Arabic (TELA)

If you are looking for an alternative kind of intensive Arabic program, then Teach English and Learn Arabic Program (TELA) is right for you. We offer professional Arabic classes for people who are committed to working hard and learning the Arabic language. Volunteer teaching in Palestine will provide you with the opportunity to learn about this fascinating country and its people. This experi...


Arabic for Non-Natives

An-Najah National University's Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute provides students with the best language learning resources for their mastery of the Arabic language, immersing them in Palestinian life and culture, and integrating them into campus life. Students not only take classes at An-Najah but become part of the community on campus and in the beautiful city of Nablus. Student le...


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Arabic Language Courses in North Africa and the Middle East

AMBergh Education provides opportunities to learn more about the Arab region and to work on your Arabic language skills. The program fits all levels of skill, background, and age. This Swedish company works in association with major language institutes and universities in Amman, Rabat, Marrakech, Fez, Damascus, and Cairo in order to offer various Arabic courses and services to groups or ind...


Mixed (Modern Standard & Colloquial) Arabic Program

If you’re interested in Middle Eastern culture and history, study Arabic to make the most of your experience. At Sebil Center in Ramallah, we offer a mixed program - an ideal option if you wish to learn both Modern Standard and Colloquial Arabic. This special course gives you an insight into the correlation between these varieties. It teaches standard Arabic and colloquial accent, helping yo...


Bard Abroad West Bank: Arabic Language Intensive

Have the rare opportunity to study in the West Bank and improve Arabic language skills. The Al-Quds Bard Summer Language Intensive is for students at the upper-intermediate and advanced levels who have completed four semesters or more of Arabic language study. The program provides participants with a total immersion experience, including excursions to the region's world renowned cultural sit...