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Live and Study in the Home of your Own Private Norwegian Teacher

This is the most intensive language immersion program that Language Vacation offers. The program is perfect for individuals who do not want a classroom setting and like tailor-made private tuition and enjoy the experience of living with a host family abroad. Students learn Norwegian at their own pace, living each day in the language, chatting with Norwegians over breakfast, and enjoying less...


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Study Norwegian in Oslo, Norway

Journey to Oslo in Norway on a Norwegian language study program with The National Registration Center for Study Abroad. Teachers host participants and host Norwegian language classes in their homes. Teachers are native speakers of the language and experienced professionals in teaching Norwegian to people from other countries. At the homestay, only the target language, Norwegian, is spoken. Part...


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Live&Learn with your Norwegian teacher - Oslo, Norway

Live and learn with your own private Norwegian teacher in Oslo Norway! This program is a very unique way to learn a language as while you stay in Oslo you'll be learning Norwegian in your teacher's home! The program is great for students who require a deeper level of learning to fully grasp a language, and what better way to learn a language than by using it every day! Each morning you're i...