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AUB Summer Arabic Programs

Learn Modern Standard Arabic or Colloquial Lebanese Arabic through an intensive summer program provided by the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut. The program runs from June to August. It offers Colloquial Lebanese Arabic at the Intermediate level and MSA Arabic at the following levels: - Introductory - High Introductory - Low Intermediate - I...


Learn Lebanese Arabic in Beirut (Lebanese Arabic Institute)

Located in the heart of Beirut, the Lebanese Arabic Institute offers a comprehensive and structured program of study in colloquial Lebanese Arabic. This program is rooted in the conviction that learning to speak colloquial Arabic is no less important than learning to read and write Modern Standard Arabic, and is indeed essential for anyone seeking a true immersion experience in the Arab world. ...


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Arabic Language Courses in North Africa and the Middle East

AMBergh Education provides opportunities to learn more about the Arab region and to work on your Arabic language skills. The program fits all levels of skill, background, and age. This Swedish company works in association with major language institutes and universities in Amman, Rabat, Marrakech, Fez, Damascus, and Cairo in order to offer various Arabic courses and services to groups or ind...