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Live & Learn Japanese in Tokyo

Experience one of the best Japanese language immersion programs with Languages Abroad's Live and Learn program in Tokyo, Japan! Our school is located in the center of the city and is close to a lot of Tokyo's most popular attractions, landmarks and cultural highlights. Needless to say there is an endless amount of things to see and do in the Tokyo area, and through our program you can experi...


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KCP International Japanese Language School

KCP International Japanese Language School, a Non-profit Educational Foundation, is pleased to be able to offer students from around the world a unique opportunity to learn more about Japan, and its language, people and culture. Our programs are open to all English speaking students in good class standing as well as post graduate and adults. KCP's strength is our attention to quality language i...


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Learn Japanese with the Best: Study Abroad in Japan!

Genki Japanese & Culture School (GenkiJACS) is a Japanese language school that offers students the opportunity to study Japanese language and culture at either of our schools in Tokyo, or in Fukuoka City. The institution offers a variety of courses including conversational Japanese, Japanese through pop culture, traditional culture, and more. We arrange accommodation including homestays, dormit...


Waseda BK Japanese Language Course

University Preparatory Courses Within these courses, students can systematically learn Japanese as well as academic Japanese language skills. Classes are designed for students of all levels based on their future academic goals. Preparation classes for the Examination for Japanese University (EJU) and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) are also included into the courses in order to ob...


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LanguBridge Education Centre

Our Tokyo summer programs offer students an immersion experience in Japan with intense language learning and cultural explorations. From intensive classes conducted by experienced instructors, a broad spectrum of culture and trip activities, to living with our warm-hearted host families (alternative housing such as dormitory can be arranged), we make sure that all students get a rich and s...


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Japanese Immersion Summer Program

World Class Programs is a study abroad program that focuses on giving high school students educational, safe and worldly experiences.This summer study abroad program is designed for students of all academic backgrounds who are excited about immersing themselves in Japanese culture and lifestyle. In this pre-college program, students will have an array of options for course study, including Art ...


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Japanese Language Course and Immersion in Tokyo, Japan

Learn Japanese in Tokyo, Japan's capital and the country's largest city. Tokyo is one of the three world finance "command centers", along with New York City and London. At over 12 million people in the official metropolitan area alone, Tokyo is the core of the most populated urban area in the world, Greater Tokyo (which has a population of 35 million people). * 4 lessons daily: 20 group l...


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Budget Academic Programs in Tokyo with CSA!

Center For Study Abroad - CSA International, Inc. programs are open to all adults from all countries, for study abroad is for everyone. CSA's mission is to provide quality programs at a lower cost, as well as offer a lot of flexibility to best fit each participant.


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Go!Go! Nihon - Christmas in Japan Experience 2017

The Christmas in Japan Study Trip is a three-week opportunity to experience the unique Christmas atmosphere of Japan. If you sign up for the Gold Package, your trip will include: - Christmas Lights Festival - Izakaya - International event - Yukata - Calligraphy - Tea ceremony - Disneyland - Language lessons, 15 hours a week Homestay move-in date is November 30th, 2017, between 9...


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CCIS: Tokyo--KCP International Language Institute

If you have ever been interested in in learning more about the Japanese language and culture, The program at KCP International Language Institute is your chance to pursue your passions! The program is located in downtown Tokyo, with excursions and field trips tied to culture and civilization. This is an ideal program for students who will thrive in an intensive, fast-paced Japanese language pro...