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Language Programs in Ireland

Duo Lingo just ain’t cutting it?! Fear not. There are plenty of languages to master by taking language courses in Ireland (just don’t forget to pack your lucky green socks!). Whether you want to tackle traditional Irish (or Gaelic), perfect your English tenses, or study another worldly tongue, there’s a language school in Ireland waiting to list your name on its roll call. Home to the infamous Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle, and of course, Guinness beer, Ireland’s beautifully green, vast land masses are the perfect backdrop for intensive language learning. Sláinte to you AND your future prospects as you find language courses in Ireland!


Even though the Titanic was built in Ireland (and we all know what happened in that disastrous voyage), if you choose to attend language school in Ireland, your ship will surely not sink. In fact, your knowledge of a new language will not only stay afloat, but thrive. 

Failte roimh Dublin! It’s no wonder the Vikings wanted to establish a settlement in this coastal hot spot, and they’d be proud to see what Dublin has become. Home to a multitude of gothic-style castles, world-famous pubs, an incredible library, and 99’ers at Teddy’s, the Irish capital’s cobblestoned streets are just the path you need for language fluency. Finding a language school in Dublin has never been easier, and we’d be lying if we said ordering a carefully pulled stout with confidence doesn’t feel awesome.

Hope you’re ready to showcase your passion for language and the arts because Galway is known for its artistic and vibrant festivals. Galway, as the main city in Connemara, is the prime location in Ireland where Irish Gaelic is spoken. You’ll have no problem picking up the language quickly, because you’ll be surrounded by the melodic dialect wherever you go. Fall in love with the tiny red home along the River Corrib, then take the long walk to Salthill while eavesdropping locals’ conversations and listening to the crashing waves of the North Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re one to avoid big crowds and huge cities, there may be a city made just for you in Ireland: Killarney. Star in your very-own version of Once as you strike up a conversation with that attractive redhead across the pub, and really get cozy in Killarney’s small-town vibe, complete with infamous buskers and a Saturday market to boot. Killarney is also home to Ireland’s highest mountain and mountain pass, which is great news for those who want to take a morning sunrise hike before classes (just don’t hike all the way to the top or you might not make it back for class in time!).

Language Programs in Ireland

International students looking for affordable, yet immersive ways to learn English will be satisfied with the array of English language schools in Ireland. You’ll have the option to choose from general language courses to specialty business English courses and beyond. Though the Irish accent gets a bad rap from time-to-time, any past ESL student in Ireland is quick to confirm the locals’ kindness and hospitality outweighs their occasional slang and intonation.

If you’re already an English-speaking-pro but want to learn more about Ireland’s rich history (or connect with your heritage in a cool and meaningful way), we encourage visitors to try their luck at Gaelic at an Irish language school in Ireland. The pronunciations will seem weird and we won’t even TRY to explain the spelling, but Gaelic (or Gaeilge, if you want to sound less like a noob!) is a neat window into the Emerald Isle’s past and a deeper way to tap into your Irish pride.

Who said you had to travel to the country to learn its language? If you love the beautiful cliffs and green mountainous space of Ireland, but want to learn Chinese or Spanish, then language programs in Ireland can still provide you with foreign language opportunities, and more!

Costs & Affordability

Be sure to save up months before your trip to Ireland, because the cost of living may be more expensive than in your home country. For example, an inexpensive meal at a restaurant is an average of 15 Euro and a gallon of milk is about four Euro. Yikes!

However, you shouldn’t let the prices of goods and services in Ireland deter you away from taking language courses in this gorgeous country. The cost of living may be a bit more expensive, but in most cases, language schools will provide many necessities in overall program costs. For example, accommodation, meals, lessons, and even some excursions will be included in program costs typically.

Accommodation & Visas

Accommodation will most likely provided through your language program in Ireland too. Housing can come in many forms, including a homestay, apartment, house, or dorm-style accommodation. But, as a student studying a foreign language in Ireland, it is recommended that you stay in a homestay. Living in a homestay means that you’ll be living with a host family that consists of locals from Ireland, which can be hugely beneficial. You will have greater exposure to the Irish culture and language, and you’ll even get more practice time to sharpen up your language skills at home!

In regards to visas, you must have a valid passport in order to enter Ireland, but U.S. citizens can enter without a visa for stays of up to three months. If your language courses in Ireland will exceed three months, you will be required to obtain a visa. Find out more information about the Irish visa process through GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

If you hope to travel outside of your host country during the weekends (perhaps to celebrate an A on a foreign language exam?), then Ireland is the perfect launching pad for traveling. Its centralized location makes traveling around Europe easy and fast. In two hours, you could already be in Barcelona, and the UK is a mere 45 minutes away. How cool is it to brag to your friends back home by saying, “I’m just about to jet off to Paris for the weekend, no biggie.” Four-leaf clovers won’t be the only things turning green!

One challenge that you might struggle with is the weather. You may have heard people say that in Ireland, you can see every season within a day, and they’re not kidding. The bipolar change in weather is due to Ireland’s size and location in the middle of the Atlantic. But have no fear, the best way to prepare for this is, well, to prepare. Be sure to pack a few jackets and sweaters, but also a few shorts and t-shirt, and of course, your wellies! (That’s local slang for rain boots).

Ready to discover that pot o’ gold for yourself? Congratulations! By reading this guide, you got about a sliver of the taste of Ireland. Why not experience the luck of the Irish for yourself by enrolling in language courses in Ireland? With its beautiful medieval architecture and its amazing Neolithic tombs, not to mention ample opportunities for English and Irish language immersion, Ireland is basically the pot of gold at the end of the language-learning-rainbow. 

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Students may choose from four of Ireland's most fascinating cities namely: Cork, Dublin, Galway, and Limerick, with Languages Abroad. They have the opportunity to learn the Irish language in a unique way as they live with their private teacher. One-on-one lessons are conducted, which provides an enriched learning atmosphere for the participants.


In the Emerald Isle of Ireland people from all over the world can come together to learn English through Eurocentres language program. Participants live in Dublin and experience the city's natural attractions, learn ancient myths and legends while discovering Irish culture in their daily lives. Languages become easier to learn when surrounded by native speakers.


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Grafton College's photography module is developed to facilitate students who want to perfect their photography skills with like-minded students in an English language environment. You can even add to the experience by taking in some of Ireland’s fabulous views from forest, mountain, coast and river walks as part of our hillwalking tours. Mid-week or weekend photography activities and workshops ...


Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic separated into two political parts, namely the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Linguago’s priority is to highlight the key schools in Ireland to assure that our clients are receiving the optimum service based on the highly accredited and regularly inspected Schools of English that our students can choose to frequent. Linguago’s programmes ...


Ireland is one of the 27 member states of the European Union (EU) and a charming English speaking country famous for its hospitality. Choose to learn English in Ireland and you are choosing to experience this enchanting and beautiful country.


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Study English in Ireland for two to 12 months with Nikitas Language Abroad Schools. The course is combined with an optional placement in either Dublin or London, England. The program, open only to European applicants, gives participants the chance to experience English culture while improving their language skills.


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