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Live&Learn with your Gaelic teacher - Various Locations

Live and learn with your own private Gaelic teacher in Ireland! This program is a very unique way to learn a language as while you stay in Ireland you'll be learning Gaelic in your teacher's home! The program is great for students who require a deeper level of learning to fully grasp a language, and what better way to learn a language than by using it every day! Each morning you're in Irela...


Learn English in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Present in more than 40 countries throughout the world, the language travel organisation ESL organises high-quality study programmes abroad. In fact, we allow you to learn 20 languages in total immersion. A wide choice of destinations offers you the opportunity to choose the best environment according to your priorities and wishes. Our programmes include general language courses, preparation...


Learn English, French, German, and Italian with Easy-Go

Enroll in any of our language courses in England, USA, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Malta, France, South Africa, Germany, Austria and Italy! Our accredited schools are all quality, well-equipped facilities to guarantee each student an effective language learning. Our staff is highly qualified with experience in foreign language teaching, making them capable of their job. Apart from langua...