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A Guide to Learning Greek Abroad

Greek is the language to learn: the classic voice of culture, empire, and the Western world. If it weren’t for Greek, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs would remain a mystery and Mediterranean cuisine would have to look elsewhere for olive oil, wine, and feta cheese. Greek served as the basis for independence from the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century and has continued the legacy of its predecessor into the 21st century. So why not embrace the old and the new by doing Greek language study?

Types of Greek Language Programs

Doing Greek language study while studying abroad can be done in many ways and in many places. Whether in a quiet classroom or a large university with students from all over the world, there are opportunities out there to fit your needs.

University Courses.  The traditional way to learn Greek abroad is through a university. By enrolling in a university, language students have the option to take several courses and create a full understanding of both the language and culture of their Greek-speaking area. Intensive programs include grammar classes, art, history, politics, and humanities classes taught in Greek. This variety of courses helps students learn Greek through many contexts, creating a balanced understanding of the language.

Language Schools. There are several private language schools dedicated to teaching Greek. The focused curriculum, more flexible schedules, and sometimes cheaper cost make them the natural fit for students who aren’t looking for the university experience. Greek language schools help students learn the language as quickly as possible; packaged programs include cultural excursions, historic tours, and other extracurricular activities.

Private Tutors. Language tutors will most likely be native speakers of Greek, or at least be able to communicate in Greek with high fluency. Universities and language schools could have tutors on staff to assist you. Advantages of private tutors include personalized learning tempos, focus in specialized interests, and plenty of one-on-one.

Tips for Gaining Greek Fluency

The progress made in studying Greek abroad will not be in a straight line. Even if you have more than one language under your belt; the old adage of patience, practice, and hard work are needed to gain fluency. Before long, you’ll graduate from deciphering Greek fraternities to reciting Homer. With that, here are some tips to help in your pursuit of fluency:

Learn the Greek alphabet. For you Latin alphabet users, learning the Greek alphabet is critical in making any progress towards fluency. The alphabet serves as the foundation of the written and phonetic aspects of Greek. The more time focused here in the beginning, the greater more epic your success sage will be. 

Practice, practice, practice. Language doesn’t end in the classroom. Try to incorporate as much Freek into your daily life as possible: watch the news, read newspapers, create post-it signs, chat with locals, make Greek-speaking friends, live with a host family, change the language settings on your Facebook profile, and use every chance you get to practice new vocabulary.

Make mistakes. New languages speakers tend to be shy because they are afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be shy. T Many native speakers appreciate foreigners who take the time to learn Greek. Sometimes the only way to learn the right way to speak or write is to see the errors made, so make mistakes, learn from them, and soar in your language levels.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Depending on the type of Greek courses you choose and the goals in taking your Greek language learning abroad, there are both benefits and challenges that you’ll encounter. Learning a new language abroad is not always easy, but the rewards are well worth any challenges you may face. 

Foreign letters. While not being the most difficult language to learn, Greek has enough challenges to have you studying often. Unlike Romance languages, Greek is not closely related to English. You will have to put in more study time to pick up on the differences Greek has and to have a firm grasp on the alphabet. 

Heritage. Greek was the language of the ancient world. Despite the dominance of Latin in Western Europe, Greek remained an integral language to the Roman Empire, with most people being fluent in both. Most classical works were written in Greek. The modern language has served as defiance over Turkish occupation, and the tumultuous decades since independence. To learn Greek is connect with history. Greek not only serves as a global language, but it also serves as the foundation of many Eastern European languages. A whole new region can be open for your exploration just by learning Greek. 

Greek is a language of culture, defiance, and history. Learning the Greek language will take you far beyond grammar; it will show you that some parts of us remain timeless. Smash a plate and say opa to learning Greek abroad!

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A Guide To
Learning Greek Abroad


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Greek Language Course and Immersion in Crete, Greece

Learn Greek in Greece and enjoy total language immersion and all the other treasures Greece and its islands have to offer. The school is fully equipped with modern facilities, situated on the first floor of a building that lies on the historic square of Splantzia, close to the Venetian harbor, and also a few minutes from the heart of the modern city of Crete and its commercial center.


Study Greek in Athens & Chania, Greece

NRCSA offers Greek lessons in two of the greatest cities of the country, Athens and Chania. The Center is located with easy access to many of the great sites Greece has to offer. The staff has worked on a different approach and developed a methodology that incorporates a background of Greek culture along with language acquisition. This method proves to be useful to students since it combines th...


Learn Greek in Greece

Greece has been a global country for thousands of years. From the cradle of Western civilisation, it has developed into a nation of contrasts - from ancient ruins to contemporary galleries and from stunning, private beaches to vibrant resorts. Get the chance to experience everything Greece has to offer by studying Greek with us, at ESL Languages. We offer the following at our language scho...


Greek in a Week - group course

This is a short yet intensive introductory course in Modern Greek Language and Culture. Let us help you gain insight into one of the world’s oldest languages and cultures. Although attention is paid to conversational language, students will familiarize themselves with the written form of the language and will be able to read short texts by the end of the course. Course fees include: Tuition (...


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Greek Language Summer Courses in Cyprus, July 2018

Learn4Good Larnaca is offering Greek language courses that are ideal for foreign-speaking adults who are interested in Cyprus and its local language, expats in the country, English-Cypriots who want to improve their skills in the language, international students in one of the universities in Cyprus, and children under 12 years old interested in studying in one of the Greek-speaking primary scho...


Koine Greek Courses Fall 2017-2018

Study Koine Greek in Jerusalem, Israel, at Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities. The institute was established by a group of academics with the shared goal of promoting the learning of ancient and Semitic languages. The founders believe that the best way to understand an ancient or modern text or culture is to become immersed in the language, through listening, speaking, ...


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Foreign Language Programs (Spanish, French, Italian, etc.)

If you’re in South Florida for business or leisure, spend some of your free time learning a foreign language with World Class Languages. We offer English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, and several other language courses to children and adults. Our programs are tailored to individual needs and focus on the development of conversational skills. Your language acquisition will...


Greek Language Courses and Cultural Activities in Crete

The Lexis Greek Language and Culture Centre offers programs to adult foreigners who want to learn modern Greek language. The programs are designed for foreigners who love Greece, visit often, and want to learn how to communicate in the language of the country, foreigners who live and work for periods of time in Greece, students and teachers or lecturers of foreign schools and universities who a...


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Learn A New Language with Sprachenatelier Berlin

Sprachenatelier Berlin is unique because it offers more than just German language courses. We offer classes in over 40 different languages in addition to our core German courses. Furthermore, Sprachenatelier hosts a variety of art and cultural events which contribute to the overall student experience. The ideal person for this program is the student who wants to come to Berlin not only to ...


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Learn Greek in Greece

Study Greek culture, history, and language through Lexis Greek Language and Culture Centre. Since 2000, Lexis has been offering the best linguistic experience to those who want to explore Greek history and language. Programs are open to adults of every nationality who wish to learn Modern Greek, to improve it or to perfect their knowledge of the language, and at the same time discover Greece it...