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A Guide to Language Study Abroad in Germany

Learning German will help you easily navigate one of the most culturally influential European countries. The country boasts half-timbered towns, majestic palaces, and spellbinding architecture brought to life by its invigorating culture. One of the wealthiest nations in the world, Germany is a worthwhile destination for language study abroad, and possibly even for building a career. Its strategic location at the center of Europe makes it a wonderful gateway to the many treasures the region offers, and German language skills surely won’t hurt your future either.


There is a myriad of language schools, colleges, and universities that provide a wide variety of language programs in Germany. Aspiring German speakers can explore language program options in large metropolises as well as smaller cities.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. With a population of 3.5 million people, it is the largest city in Germany and the second most populous city proper in the European Union.  Although a huge metropolitan city, Berlin has a remarkably laid back lifestyle. Germans live by the credo “live and let live,” placing a greater value on creative lifestyle and personal freedom over status symbols and material wealth. Their free-spiritedness has helped make the city a creative cultural hub, with new ideas encouraged, created, and nurtured constantly. A witness to remarkable events in history, including the formation of the Nazi party and the division of Germany, Berlin is a true historical treasure.

MunichWith a population of more than 1.4 million people, Munich is the third most populous city in Germany. A city of contradictions, Munich has managed to maintain its cultural heritage while spearheading important technological developments. It has been dubbed the city of "laptop and lederhosen”, and is visibly teeming with lederhosen-clad locals and well-heeled power dressers. Munich is also known for its annual Oktoberfest beer celebration, striking architecture, and rich cultural scene. The city is a major international center of medicine, research, engineering, and business, as is evident in its multitude of science museums, world-class technology, multinational companies, research universities, and smaller colleges.

Hamburg. With a population of more than 1.8 million people, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. Home to the biggest port in the country, which is also the second busiest in Europe, the city has earned a reputation for being the “Gateway to the World”. Hamburg is characterized by a palpable maritime spirit that is evident in its architecture and gastronomy. Wherever you may be in the city, you will always be reminded of your nearness to the sea. Hamburg continues to enjoy affluence, marked by its status as the wealthiest city in one of the richest countries in the world.

Language Schools in Germany

With three grammatical genders, four noun case endings, and winding words that can go as long as Wachstumsbeschleunigungsgesetz, German can be a difficult language to learn. A complex language is best studied in its natural environment. German is among the most widely spoken languages in the European Union, and is the official language of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Germany. An economic powerhouse and a cultural haven, Germany offers an idyllic destination for German language study abroad.

Course Structure. It is possible to take German language courses at language schools, colleges, and universities in Germany. Each institution will entail a different structure, instructor, and set of expectations. Courses may be taught by anyone from University professors to personal tutors. Most importantly, language programs in Germany are available for learners of all fluency levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Additional Benefits. Students can take advantage of language programs in Germany that turn the wonderful cities of Germany into lively, engaging classrooms, by selecting programs that incorporate cultural immersion activities, excursions, and many more opportunities for unique learning experiences. Some programs may also offer additional academic benefits, like transferable course credits.

Timing. Many language schools in Germany start on any given Monday, while specific programs may be offered during summer or winter terms, providing opportunities for students who have a strict academic schedule or who are unable to spend an entire semester abroad.

Costs & Affordability

Compared to other European countries, the cost of living in Germany is reasonable (especially when taking into consideration its very high standard of living). The prices for clothing, accommodation, food, and leisurely activities approximate the EU average. Language students will need around 650 to 850 Euros to cover monthly expenses, the largest portion of which will cover rent costs. This monthly budget includes the cost of food, rent, and leisure activities, among other things. The cost of living is generally higher in bigger cities, such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

Language programs in Germany are offered for as low as $100 per week. However, those attending a university in Germany should be ready to pay for tuition fees as well as semester fees (between 150 and 250 Euros), which cover social services and other administrative services. The semester fee may also include the “Semesterticket”, which averages at 100 Euros and covers public transport expenses for a period of six months.

Accommodation & Visas

Language students are typically offered a variety of housing options, from homestays to apartments to dormitories and student residences. It is usually up to each individual student to decide which housing option is best for them, as accommodation is not normally included. 

Most individuals will be required to obtain a visa to attend a language school in Germany, except for EU citizens and those coming from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a handful of other nations. Citizens from the latter countries only need a residence permit, which can be processed at the Aliens Registration office within three months of their arrival in Germany. Citizens from all other countries will need to apply for a visa at a German embassy or consulate in their home country. Language students can apply for one of three visas: a language course visa, a student applicant visa, or a student visa. The type of visa required depends on the structure of the program and the host institution.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Day to Day Living. As it is an affluent European country, the cost of living in Germany can be high. But it still offers quite a bargain compared to other European countries, especially considering the fact that it is one of the richest countries in the world and offers a very high standard of living.

Ease of Travel. Germany is strategically located in the heart of Europe, making it easy to travel to other major destinations in the region before, during, or after your language program.

Culture. Germans are sometimes criticized for being a bit impolite or oblivious of the people around them, foregoing small talk and friendly smiles. But some people appreciate the privacy and respectful distance this kind of attitude affords. Language students will likely come to appreciate Germans’ emphasis on order and structure, as well as the permissive and friendly attitude the locals will eventually reveal.

Future Career. An economically progressive country, Germany produces new employment opportunities on a regular basis. With earning potentials that exceed its cost of living, the country provides leeway for savings and financial freedom, on top of a comfortable lifestyle. German language skills can be your ticket to a career in this economic powerhouse.

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A Guide To
Language Study Abroad in Germany


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International Programs

Students who choose to study German in Germany with International Programs will find themselves in an international community of learners. The programs do not only provide language lessons but also introduce the students to German customs and traditions, and provide home stays for program participants in some locations. Program cities include Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.


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German Language School in Berlin

Travel to Germany and study German through Eurocentres language programs. Live in the city of Berlin, the gateway of the east and west, which boasts historic monuments, as well as innovative arts and music. With a modern atmosphere Germany can serve as the perfect learning environment for people from any nation.


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F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg, Berlin, Darmstadt

The F+U Academy of Languages is one of the biggest language schools in Europe and it's renowned for its diverse educational programme, its international character and excellent value for money. You will find the F+U Academy of Languages at the Group headquarters in the Neckar city of Heidelberg, as well as at the Berlin and Darmstadt study centres.


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Learn German @ GLS Campus Berlin

GLS is the only German language school in Germany with its own 14000 square meter campus, a green oasis in the very center of Berlin. GLS has been voted "Star School Germany" 4 times by educational travel professionals from all over the world.

A group of students in the city

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Greenheart Travel

Students can choose from three stunning program locations in Germany with Greenheart Travel. While staying with a German family, they will attend language classes which include twenty lessons per week or about four hours per day. Participants may also enjoy organized excursions including a tour of the Berlin Wall, a visit to the Babelsberg Film Park, or a trip to the Baltic Sea.


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Boston University: Dresden German Studies Program

The Boston University Dresden German Studies Program places students at the Technische Universität Dresden, one of the oldest and most prestigious technical universities in Germany. By enrolling directly at the university, students have a great opportunity to get an insight into the academic culture in Germany, improve German language proficiency, and study and live among German and other inter...


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Move to Berlin - Berlin Kickstarter

Thinking about moving abroad? Then we can think of few places better than the vibrant German capital Berlin. At Nomaden Berlin, we don’t just want to help you move to Berlin, we want to immerse you in the culture, language, and lifestyle of Europe's coolest capital. We are Berlin’s first full-service relocation package provider and assist Working Holidaymakers, job-seekers, young profession...


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Study in Germany with API

API offers a comprehensive German language and culture program in Berlin. All API programs include airport pickup, an on-site orientation with an English-speaking Resident Director, housing, tuition, medical and life insurance, excursions, social and cultural activities, and a transcript upon completion of the program, among other services.


Study German in Germany (1 Week to 6 Months)

The Excellence Center in Europe offers German language-intensive courses that enable you to achieve your personal, language-learning goals quickly. Here at the Excellence Center, you will receive language training in a small group setting. These courses have an average of 10 students in them. The classes are dedicated to addressing the most important aspects of your language needs. Over a short...


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DAAD University Summer Course Grant

DAAD provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate level university students for participation in a 3- to 4-week summer language course offered by higher education institutions in Germany. A minimum of A1 language level German is prerequisite. DAAD is a self-governing, public-funded, or private organisation of higher education institutions in Germany. They aim to promote international ...


Learn German With the Help of Professionals!

Students can experience authentic German culture while completing a language program in Germany with Language Vacation. Not only will they have the chance to attend intensive language classes on the country's native tongue but they also immerse into its way of life by conversing with the locals and partaking in organized social and cultural outings as well as weekend excursions. Some programs p...


Die Neue Schule

DIE NEUE SCHULE is one of the leading quality language schools in Berlin. We offer a broad variety of group courses and private tuition for both beginners as well as learners with previous knowledge at an excellent price-performance ratio.


Learn German in Berlin

Berlin: urban, exciting and the perfect place to spend some time abroad learning German! Whether you're interested in just a week break or a long stay of all the way up to 48 weeks, at ESL, we have something for you. Choose between standard, intensive or premium courses, or try a combined course that includes both group and one-to-one classes. In the evenings and at weekends, dive into Berlin'...