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18 Language Schools in French Riviera


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Passeport pour les langues - French Summer Classes

Experience a fun, educational language holiday for all the family this summer! FRENCH SUMMER CLASSES welcomes your family in a relaxed and fun atmosphere within a small family friendly school. Ideally situated in Cannes on the Mediterranean Coast, we welcome children (from age 6+) and teenagers (junior and high school students) and adults in different classes, making it possible for whole f...


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Campus International de Cannes

A language school with a 11 000m² campus with all facilities situated right by the seaside of the Mediterranean sea. All year long, the Collège International de Cannes provides a whole set of French language courses ranging from the Elementary levels to Proficiency (15 different levels of French A1 to C1). Specific starting dates not being every week this ensure a good stability of our lang...


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Language Vacation

Enroll in a French language immersion course at a school in Antibes, France. Located in a charming and spacious chateau, surrounded by mature gardens, with a large outdoor terrace that offers beautiful views of the harbor and the Bay of Angels, the school is in a quiet residential area near the center of Antibes. Ideally located between Nice and Cannes, and only 13 kilometers from the Nice C...


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SPI High School French Language Immersion in Biarritz

The luxurious seaside town of Biarritz, the “surf capital of Europe”, is a beautiful town, full of amenities such as magnificent beaches, superb sporting facilities, and a natural charm unlike any place else in France. Every summer SPI Study Abroad France program participants fall in love with Biarritz as they immerse themselves in the culture by living with local homestays, attending French la...


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Center For Study Abroad (CSA) - Direct Low Cost - Budget

Study French language and culture. Verified, excellent programs.Low cost. Flexible starting dates. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Can pay in $U.S. dollars, or Euros. Housing options. Earn college credit. Various locations. Go direct with CSA. Save $$$.


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Host International Travelers and Get Free Language Lessons

TalkTalkBnb offers the opportunity to learn a language for free with travelers from around the world in exchange for offering them accommodation. We are looking for hosts who may not currently be able to travel, but nevertheless have a passion for meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. A “TalkTalker” is comfortable opening his home to others, sharing his own culture and traditions...


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Free Advising and Placement Services for Language Courses

AEI is renowned for offering reliable language abroad programs to those interested to learn a foreign language of another country. AEI study abroad agency provides free and personalized counseling and placement services for language studies abroad. Programs include language courses in language schools around the world, language courses for kids open during summer and winter seasons, language co...


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Eurolingua Institute

Enhance proficiency in the French language in a more personalized way through this one-one-one instruction developed by Eurolingua Institute. Situated in some of France's best cities including Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse, this program allows participants to learn the language while they live on a full-board basis in their tutor's private residence, receiving four hours of daily instruction. This ...


Learn French in Cannes, France

Study French at the NRCSA's partner college in Cannes. It is a private institution of higher education that specializes in French language and civilization. Founded in 1931, the institution has become one of the most reputable colleges in the country. They provide high quality courses to foreign students and professionals in a studious environment.