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Soccer Camps in Europe with Language Programs

Soccer Camps International specializes in the best and most famous European Clubs Youth Soccer Camps and Soccer Schools (Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, Juventus, Paris, Benfica). We offer you the opportunity to discover new ways of learning and developing soccer skills with players from all over the world in some of the world's best soccer countries: England, ...


Learn English in England with Linguago

England is home to one of the most powerful and widely spoken languages across the globe, the English language. So why not take the opportunity to learn one of the most useful languages in its purest form. Traveling to England is so beneficial and can be extremely exciting, based upon the number of locations available for English language courses. Linguago's programs are designed for a large...


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Eurolingua One-to-One Language Homestay Immersion Worldwide

Eurolingua Institute offers foreign language training in some 40 countries worldwide. Languages taught include Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian. Students will learn to speak their target foreign language fluently like a native in a minimum of time on a unique Eurolingua One-to-One Language Homestay. They will live and lea...


Cambridge Exam Courses, formally known as PET/FCE/CAE

Increase the chances of passing your Cambridge exam or, better yet, achieve a high score! Take exam preparation courses, formally known as the PET/ FCE/ and CAE, in the UK. All classes start at £35 per week and courses at £250 for 4 weeks or longer. Lessons focus on the exam itself, as well as on passing the exam. You will learn in depth about writing, reading, speaking, and listening in Eng...


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Learn English, French, German, and Italian with Easy-Go

Enroll in any of our language courses in England, USA, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Malta, France, South Africa, Germany, Austria and Italy! Our accredited schools are all quality, well-equipped facilities to guarantee each student an effective language learning. Our staff is highly qualified with experience in foreign language teaching, making them capable of their job. Apart from langua...