Language Programs in Northern Brazil

7 Language Schools in Northern Brazil


Learn Portuguese in Olinda, Brazil

The National Registration Center for Study Abroad center in Olinda, Brazil, is devoted to providing high-quality, personalized language instruction, specializing in Portuguese for non-native speakers. All teachers are professional and experienced native instructors, university graduated, and trained in the school's direct approach to language teaching. While studying in Olinda, students can als...


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Direct Low Cost - Budget Study Abroad With CSA

The Center For Study Abroad (CSA) offers low cost, non-profit study abroad programs worldwide. Since 1990. See website to review programs and register. The programs are open to all. It is easy to register and qualify for any of the programs. Participants are guaranteed a quick confirmation. They get the chance to earn college credit. They benefit from the flexible schedules, housing, travel...


Learn Portuguese and practice Yoga on the Beach in Brazil

Learn intensive Portuguese language course in Maceio, Brazil. GoBrazil offers classes individually or in groups composed of three to six people for four weeks. The small class size encourages students to interact and build friendship with other learners while completing the lessons in Brazil. Group lessons will last for three hours per day and an hour a day for individual Portuguese lessons...


Portuguese and Volunteering in Brazil with Freepackers

Participate in rewarding volunteer projects in Brazil while following Portuguese classes with Freepackers! This program offers language courses at all levels and allows you to get involved in side-projects at the same time. Participants can choose to volunteer in orphanages or homes for abused children, or with one of our medical partners. Our school and placements are located in the picturesqu...


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Host International Travelers and Get Free Language Lessons

TalkTalkBnb offers the opportunity to learn a language for free with travelers from around the world in exchange for offering them accommodation. We are looking for hosts who may not currently be able to travel, but nevertheless have a passion for meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. A “TalkTalker” is comfortable opening his home to others, sharing his own culture and traditions...


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Low-cost Study and Learn Portuguese in Brazil

Spend a few weeks to a semester in Brazil studying the Portuguese language with Nikitas Language Abroad Schools. Group lessons focus on actively using the language. Lessons include grammar, reading, writing, listening, and vocabulary extension, with a strong emphasis on communication. Lessons also make use of role-playing, conversations, interviews, and simulated telephone dialogues to help the...


Portuguese in Brazil

The Eurolingua Institute campus in Brazil is in the beautiful town of Maceio, capital of the state of Alagoas, a safe, relaxed, and modern town, with some of the best beaches in South America. The premises are bright and modern, consisting of eight fully equipped classrooms, some with televisions, VCR, audio and computer facilities, a language laboratory, library, and kitchen, where Brazilian c...