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These are our "Off The Wall" projects that focus on language and culture - the out of ordinary, the different and the crazy! These projects are uncommon, exciting, fun and beneficial at the same time! They don't fall into the normal categories of teaching or work experience or conservation. So if you like the unusual or the quirky, you might find something here to suit you. ARGENTINA: * Lea...


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Study this summer in beautiful Florianopolis at the Universidad do Sul de Santa Catarina, where Portuguese language and Brazilian culture courses are offered and taught in English for the months of June and July. Located on the island of Santa Catarina, the Florianopolis University campus is close to many beaches like Praia do Sonho. For those who love the sea, Florianopolis is a unique and saf...


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Spend a few weeks to a semester in Brazil studying the Portuguese language with Nikitas Language Abroad Schools. Group lessons focus on actively using the language. Lessons include grammar, reading, writing, listening, and vocabulary extension, with a strong emphasis on communication. Lessons also make use of role-playing, conversations, interviews, and simulated telephone dialogues to help the...


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Learn Portuguese at ILC Brazil and have a blast with extra-class activities. The fun program allows participants to take advantage of ILC Brazil's activities and explore the best of the region. From surf classes to the samba dance floor, or the capoeira's berimbau, participants can pick activities to fill their free time and have the best Brazilian experience ever.