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API at Universidad de Congresso in Mendoza, Argentina

Known for its delightful food, untouched wilderness, and charming culture, Mendoza, Argentina is a great place to study abroad! Adventurous students interested in Argentine agriculture and discovering the beauty of western Argentina and the Andes are perfect for this program. Each student will get the opportunity to develop a closer understanding of the region while taking courses related to la...


Spanish Language Course and Immersion in Mendoza

The city of Mendoza is one of the most important in Argentina. Famous for its wineries, Mount Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere), and the good weather throughout the year. Mendoza is located in the foothills of the Andes mountain range, and by bus it is 13 hours from Buenos Aires and 7 hours from Santiago. Located in the south of the city about a 15 minute walk to to ...


Spanish Courses in Argentina... Special 10% Off!

Connecting Worlds specialises in organising gap year itineraries, internships, working holidays, spanish courses, international study programs and teaching English abroad opportunities in Argentina.* * We are in the process of offering a range of programs / opportunities in other parts of Latin America too. Contact us directly for the most up-to-date information. Learn Spanish At The Best...


Argentina Intensive Immersion

CASA Spanish Academy is offering eight (8) weeks of Spanish learning combined with tours and guidance about the Porteño culture. Moving to a new country with a lot of possibilities over sports, soccer, Tango, fileteado (is a type of artistic drawing, with stylised lines and flowered, climbing plants, typically used in Buenos Aires), Museums, Polo and horse ride tours, Kayaking and rowing experi...


Intercultural Spanish Lessons - Intensive programme

Spanish lessons at Intercultural are the best option to live an intense experience. It combines Spanish lessons, activities and accommodation with a Spanish speaking family home. Intensive Programs are designed for students who want both to learn Spanish and be part of the local culture. The main objective is to give up the use of their mother tongue during the Spanish lessons. The Intercult...


Spanish and wine in Mendoza Argentina

Mendoza, the Eighth Wine Capital, is an ideal destination for winemakers, importers or wine lovers. The program combines Spanish learning with classes on wine production and daily visits to wineries next to the teacher. In addition to learning Spanish for a specific purpose, we can connect students during their program with those who make a particular wine, an oenologist or wine cellar. It i...


Learn Spanish in Argentina!

Learn Spanish in the most interesting cities of Argentina. South America Inside offers Spanish courses in the capital city, Buenos Aires and a lovely town at the foothills of the Andes, Mendoza. Attend classes in a Spanish school and take part in the extracurricular activities that the academics institution will be offering. These extracurricular activities may include city tours, cooking cla...


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Free Advising and Placement Services for Language Courses

AEI is renowned for offering reliable language abroad programs to those interested to learn a foreign language of another country. AEI study abroad agency provides free and personalized counseling and placement services for language studies abroad. Programs include language courses in language schools around the world, language courses for kids open during summer and winter seasons, language co...


Learn Spanish in Argentina with COINED International

The best way to really get to know a culture is to learn its language. From the Gauchos’ Pampa to the Andes, from Tierra del Fuego to tropical Iguazu Falls, Argentina is a country of dazzling contrasts. The wide array of courses and activities that we offer reflects its endless possibilities. You can choose among the most beautiful cities of Argentina to learn Spanish: Bariloche, Buenos ...