Tiffany Taian - 2014 Program Participant

A Beautiful Day in Plaza Nueva.
A Beautiful Day in Plaza Nueva. Photo by Tiffany Taian

What made you choose ISA ‘s program over other options?

I chose ISA because of the amount of excursions they listed compared to other programs. I am glad I chose ISA because the tours as well as the hotels were beautiful. It was great having a nice hotel after going to hostels every other weekend. My school also accepted the classes towards my major so that was a big factor as well.

If you could talk to students who are about to embark on a study abroad trip to Spain, what would you tell them?

I would probably tell them to be aware of pickpocketing, which is to be expected with an unemployment rate of 20 percent. Sometimes people can trick you into thinking that they are just welcoming you into their country, but at the same time one of their buddies could be stealing something from your purse. So just be cautious of your surroundings.

What did you like most about studying abroad in Sevilla?

After visiting many cities in the north and south of Spain as well as traveling all over Europe I was glad to go home to Sevilla. Sevilla is unlike any place I have ever been to. Some cities are only clean and pretty in the main parts of the town, but Sevilla is beautiful everywhere you would go. The cleaning crew of the city keeps it clean at all times.

The majority of people in the city are so kind and welcoming. There are also a lot of places to visit, like Plaza de España, the river, Las Setas, the largest gothic cathedral in the world, Santa Luisa Park, the Alcazar... I can go on forever about how much I love this city. You get the Spanish vibes from the old times as well as the modern era, whereas when I visited other cities like Madrid and Barcelona it was so modern I felt like I was in the U.S.

What was your favorite class during study abroad? 

My favorite class was Intercultural Management. I loved the class because it reminded me that not everyone does business like the Americans. Each culture does things differently. After studying abroad I realize how small I really am. I am just like a grain of sand compared to the rest of the world.

How would you describe the way studying abroad has impacted your life?

Words can't describe how much studying abroad has impacted my life. I come from a very big Middle Eastern family where everyone kind of just leans on each other. I learned to depend on myself during hard and stressful times. I learned that I am not the center of the universe. I realized how blessed I am with the opportunities that are offered in our country, and how grateful I am for all the things I have. I learned I can be happy without having everything. My life has changed for the better and I most definitely will consider going abroad again.