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Shaina Moran - Marketing Specialist

Shaina Moran - Marketing Specialist

Shaina earned her bachelor’s degree in art history and MBA in marketing management from DePaul University. Prior to working at IES Abroad, Shaina served as an assistant director and career advisor for undergraduate business students at the University of Chicago. Upon joining IES Abroad, she used her interest and experience in career development as a platform for her college relations manager role within IES Internships. Overtime, her role has evolved and Shaina now serves as the IES Internships marketing specialist.

What inspired your transition from the university side of education to international programs?

The implementation of the internships department at IES Abroad was a big part of the move. I had led students on international trips before and worked extensively with students on internships, so this seemed like a really interesting, yet logical, next step.

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How has your professional experience in academics helped you shape IES Internships programs?

Working in a higher ed career services office really helped prepare me in an advisory capacity when I was a college relations manager at IES Abroad (prior to my current role). Though my advising on campus was more often in person, I found myself working with students in the same way via phone and email, and still sometimes get a chance to chat when I visit their campuses as well.

Additionally, I was able to help IES Internships students in a career preparation capacity (i.e. editing resumes, hosting mock interviews). One other way is program development, since I put on professional workshops every week in my previous job. Though the domestic (New York and Chicago) programs are based on the same framework as the international locations, the team has to come up with new programming and events that would make sense in a “non-abroad” context, and drawing from my higher ed experience was immensely helpful.

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What makes interning abroad with IES Internships unique?

One thing I really like about the IES Internships program is that it’s built upon and utilizes IES Abroad’s existing infrastructure. What this means for students, and what I like about this, is that when on an IES Internships program, they have access to the same staff, resources, field trips, and services that all IES Abroad students do. Furthermore, IES Internships students have the opportunity to not just meet other interns, but also a whole group of summer study abroad students as well. Their network and experience expands beyond their specific IES Internships’ program.

Why do you think international internships are necessary for marketing students specifically?

Proper marketing is about understanding people (your audience, the consumer) and their needs. In an ever globalizing world and economy, living in, working in, and appreciating other cultures (and languages) can only serve to increase a marketer’s reach and effectiveness in their campaigns.

What do you think attracts participants to intern with IES Internships?

The guidance IES Internships provides is unmatched. There isn’t a point in the process or experience where students don’t have access to someone to answer their questions.

From college relations managers to help with school-specific inquiries to advisors by center to on-call staff on departure day, all the way to our teams at the centers themselves, we’re here to help every step of the way.
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How do you settle the worries of universities and students regarding the safety of participants during their time abroad?

IES Abroad is known throughout the field for their stellar health and safety record and measures, which makes this part of the job much easier for our college relations managers. They often refer schools to the IES Abroad MAP for Student Health, Safety, & Crisis Management, which is intended to be used as a resource for safety and risk management in the administration of study abroad programs.

If you could intern abroad with IES Internships, what location would you choose and why?

This is such a difficult question! I previously advised for Sydney and Berlin and know they are both great locations, but I might have to say Milan. One of our participants interned at my favorite fashion designer in Milan last summer (I’m extremely jealous).

In an increasingly globalized world, why do you think international education experience is important?

We now live and work in a society where having a bachelor’s degree doesn’t necessarily set you ahead in the job market, and even a graduate degree might still put you on a level playing field with other candidates. If two candidates have identical skills and experience, but one candidate has worked or studied internationally, this candidate will stand out to an employer. Having this experience likely means the candidate is adaptable, flexible, culturally and intellectually curious, and able to tolerate ambiguity.