Sabine Nix - 2014 Program Participant

Bridge in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bridge in Buenos Aires. Photo by Sabine Nix

Why did you choose to study abroad while in high school?

I chose to study abroad in high school because I wanted to learn Spanish as well as possible before heading off to college. I thought going to Argentina would be the best possible way to learn Spanish because I would be fully immersed.

Why did you choose Sol Abroad over other organizations?

I chose Sol Abroad because it seemed to offer the most freedom for its participants. While Sol organized activities for the time after classes each day, I still had plenty of free time to explore the city. Sol Abroad also had a nice balance between time spent in classes, and time spent on excursions. This helped me learn Spanish intensely during class time, but also get to know Argentina’s culture.

Architectural details on a Church in Argentina

Architecture on a Church. Photo by Sabine Nix

What was your accommodation like?

During my stay in Buenos Aires, my roommate and I shared a room in an older couple’s apartment. The apartment was located a couple subway stops from the school and the center of the city. The apartment was small, but very cozy, and the woman we stayed with was always ready to show us how to get somewhere or give us tips on how to navigate the city.

What was a normal day like for you in Argentina?

A normal day consisted of classes in the morning in small groups (my group was five people). After classes, we walked to a restaurant nearby for lunch. Usually, after lunch we went as a group to some activity. The activities ranged from a walking tour of the city, bike rides around the city, a visit to an art museum, or a visit to an observatory. After the activities, we had free time to walk around the city on our own. Each weekend, we had a larger excursion. We went to a ranch with horses and even took a boat to Colonia, Uruguay. We also met local students who were learning English a couple times during the trip.

What are the top reasons you'd want to go abroad again?

A street in Colonia, Uruguay

Colonia, Uruguay. Photo by Sabine Nix

I think it would be great to be able to go abroad again in college, either to continue studying Spanish, or to learn a new language! Each Spanish speaking country has its own unique culture, and I would love to be able to explore countries besides Argentina.

Would you recommend your Sol Abroad program to others?

I would definitely recommend Sol Abroad to others because it gave me the chance to improve my Spanish in a way that school cannot. Besides studying with amazing teachers in intimate settings, I had so much fun travelling around Buenos Aires and learning about Argentina’s culture.

If you could go abroad again, where would you go?

If I were to go abroad again, I think I would like to study Spanish in Spain. Although the language is the same, I know the two countries are completely different. I also think studying abroad in Europe would be so much fun! 

Futbol Stadium in Argentina

Futbol Stadium. Photo by Sabine Nix