GoAbroad Interview

Rachel Yoon - Marketing Coordinator

Rachel Yoon

As marketing coordinator at ImmerQi Beijing, Rachel updates and creates marketing collaterals, content, and various other media for ImmerQi. Originally from South Korea, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration for international business, specializing in international marketing, at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Prior to coming to Beijing, Rachel studied Chinese in South Korea and Shenzhen, China and also worked in Birmingham, England. Rachel enjoys exploring, traveling, learning new languages, and listening to music on her free time. 

How were you first introduced to ImmerQi?

As a person that has been fortunate enough to live, study, and work abroad in different countries since I was young, I was always keen to work for a company that focuses on providing services and giving help to people who come from overseas and need to adapt to a new country and environment. Right before graduation, I found out what ImmerQi was doing, which was what I always have valued, so decided put my major to work by getting a job at ImmerQi as a marketing coordinator. 

Group of ImmerQi interns at the Great Wall

Rachel with the Corporate Internship Students at the Great Wall

You are originally from South Korea, but you earned your degree in Beijing and have also spent time working in the UK. How do you use your own international experience in your current role?

Since ImmerQi is an international company, I believe that my experiences abroad have helped me personally to adapt faster to my current role at the company. I truly think that the things we do for our participants and students could not have been and cannot be successfully completed without our passion and sincerity to truly care for our participants. We have tried our best to make sure that everyone enjoys being in China, feels safe, and knows that ImmerQi staff will always be supporting them. 

As a marketing coordinator, being fortunate enough to have experienced different cultures and to have different experiences has definitely helped me to see what our participants want, because I was exactly like them a few years ago. Therefore, I try to focus on things such as what our potential participants might want in terms of information and how we can help them to see what they are looking for through different marketing platforms. 

Rachel Yoon at the ImmerQi office in Beijing, China

Rachel at ImmerQi Beijing Office

What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

Just like any other person working in Beijing, when the pollution isn’t bad, it just feels so great to walk to the office. When I get to the office, I check my emails, get a cup of coffee, and that’s when my day at work begins! 

As marketing coordinator of ImmerQi, what do you think the most attractive feature of ImmerQi’s programs is?

As a person that values gaining experience, to become better professionally, I think the most attractive feature of our Corporate Internship Program is the chance to gain professional experience in China. For Teach & Travel China, you get to go through TEFL lessons, become qualified as an English teacher, and also get to travel different places of China, depending on your placement. Last, but not least, our volunteer program and newly launched Au Pair China program give participants opportunities to experience the real China in different perspectives.

The reason why I think ImmerQi especially stands out from our competitors is that we are internationalised and open-minded, compared to other providers whose onshore staff members are usually local Chinese, and we understand, communicate, support, and provide what participants really want.

We value being able to do it all for our participants.

Train tracks at 798 Art District, Beijing, China

Rachel at 798 Art District Beijing, China

If you could participate in any ImmerQi program, which one would you choose and why?

If I were a student looking for an opportunity to stay in China, I would go for the corporate internship program. It is just the best way to gain professional experience in a different country, and to experience the business culture and the country itself in one of the greatest ways! 

You studied Chinese before you moved to Beijing to attend Beijing Foreign Studies University. Do you encourage participants to learn Chinese prior to arrival? If so, why?

I am very much interested in learning new languages, even if it is only about learning practical sentences you can use in your daily life. It would be perfect if participants have had the time to learn Mandarin prior to arrival, but if that’s not the case, they can always start learning in China. The most important thing is having the strong willingness to learn the language!

Beach in Harbin, China

Rachel Traveling in Harbin, China

How does ImmerQi go above and beyond in terms of placement, support, and on-going service for participants?

I think it is always about making sure that everyone is enjoying their time in China. Regarding their placements, we talk to our participants, ask if they are happy about it, try to fix problems if there are any, and so on. We also have monthly activities, from cultural to professional ones, which allow participants to make the most out of their time in China.

ImmerQi offers a range of programs in China, from teaching to job opportunities to volunteer work. What makes China an ideal place for such a variety of experiences?

Since China is the second largest economy in the world, it has been drawing lots of attention from people all over the world, from students to professionals and people in different industries. Its dramatic growth after the reform, and ability to still maintain at least a six percent annual growth rate in different sectors, allows China to be one of the most attractive countries in the world. With such a deep, long history and unique culture, there is just a lot to experience and see in China, which I think is the reason why China can be an ideal place for people to enjoy a variety of experiences. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Like any other person that engages in marketing, I think it feels great to see how you can change people’s perspectives by showing different things, such as with different marketing materials and platforms. I am excited to learn more about marketing, be deeply engaged with marketing as time passes, and I am happy to be a part of the marketing department of ImmerQi!