Rachel Koski - 2014 Program Participant

Visiting Stonehenge in England

Rachel and two of her roommates visiting Stonehenge

Why did you decide to intern abroad in theatre? 

I wanted to take a chance and see what it would be like learning about theatre in another country.

What made you choose England?

I was never one to want to go to Europe when I was growing up. But, when I discovered this internship opportunity with Performing Arts Abroad, I thought it was worth a shot to apply. I picked England for many reasons, but mostly because since this was my first time going to Europe, especially alone, I should go to a place where they speak the same language as me.

Tell us about your housing arrangements in London.

I stayed in an apartment with three other interns from different fields of interest. Two were American and the other was Canadian like me. I was surprised at how big the apartment was because I was told everything in Europe was small. We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a good sized living room. In the apartment building there were some other interns staying on different floors. We got to know them and would plan things together. The only downside I would say about the apartment was where it was located, the community wasn’t always nice during the night. 

What was a typical day like for you as an intern in England?        

My typical day consisted of waking up to the beautiful sounds of London, I would then walk to High Park to go for my daily run before heading to work on the London Tube. I usually started at different times, depending on what was happening in the theatre. During lunch I would go to this wonderful family park that was across the street in Clapham where my work was located. Afterwards, I would head back to see what my roommates had planned for the evening or go explore London by myself.

Camden Town, England

Rachel, her roommates, and two other Interns from their building during an outing to Camden Town one evening

What was the most memorable experience you had during your time in England?

Just knowing that I was waking up in a different country and could do so many new and exciting things. It was so thrilling to be free and meet new people to learn about their stories of life and how big this world really is. 

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your study abroad program?

I think the biggest challenged I had was adjusting to living in another country without my family by my side. I had already moved out because of college, but in London I wasn’t always able to get in contact with them because of my cell plan or time change. That is what got me the most, not being able to call them for advice or tell them how my day went whenever I wanted to.

How has your time in England impacted your life?

This experience has impacted me in many ways. I think the most is learning how to have fun experiencing new things by yourself. As well, learning how to adapt to different situations. Being able to explore a brand new place by yourself is something I think everyone needs to experience. I came back as a new person, stronger and more confident.

Attendees of Wicked performance on West End, England

Rachel with her roommates when they went to see Wicked on West End

Would you recommend your Performing Arts Abroad internship to others?

Absolutely! The organization was so amazing to be part of. They help you from your application process all the way until you’re done your program. I found that Performing Arts Abroad will answer your questions right away, and they’ll give you the best experience you’re looking for.