GoAbroad Interview

Nicole Wilson - Social Media Director

Nicole Wilson - Social Media Director

Nicole is originally from Highland Village, Texas, but she is currently studying at Southwestern University in Georgetown. She has been working for Las Olas Travel for six months as social media director. Nicole joined the Las Olas Travel team because she is passionate about helping people so they can enjoy experiencing new places!

What experiences made you passionate about sustainable travel? 

I’ve spent time traveling and helping people abroad, so I’ve developed a deep love and appreciation for it. 

How did you get connected with Las Olas Travel?

My sister is one of the cofounders!

Volunteer with children in Nicaragua
In village in Nicaragua where I helped drill a well for clean drinking water

What does a typical day of work look like for you? 

Because my job is online, the typical work day for me looks different than classic 9 to 5 jobs. I normally take time in the morning before class to draft posts, research content, and communicate with Rachel about the overall vision, among other things. 

How do you use your own experience doing mission work in the U.S., México, and Nicaragua in your current role? 

The mission work that I have done inspires me to help give others the opportunity to have the same kind of experiences. It is humbling, shifts your mindset about other countries, and is sometimes life changing.

Girl at the Grand Canyon in Arizona
At Grand Canyon in Arizona

Why do you think Las Olas Travel’s programs are valuable experiences for university students?

I think the easiest time to travel is when you’re young and in school, because most students have summer, winter, and spring breaks available to take trips. I would encourage university students to do just that, because college is a time for growth and learning, and traveling gives you so much of each in a short amount of time. 

Las Olas Travel’s programs are focused on sustainable travel and community engaged volunteering while also allowing time for excursions, which makes them extremely unique. I believe people that do some good while they are abroad find the experience more rewarding than those who don’t.

How do you juggle attending university and working for Las Olas Travel?

The ability for me to do my job online is essential for my success at balancing school and work. I can post in between classes, communicate with Rachel during lunch, and draft posts over breakfast in the morning. I would not be able to effectively do my job if I was required to physically punch in somewhere. 

What is your best piece of advice for university students considering a trip abroad?

My advice would be to research the details of the trip as well as the place you are considering traveling to thoroughly before fully committing. Being fully aware of what is to come is important. That being said, Las Olas Travel has resources available and people ready to answer any and all questions that a student could have! 

Girl at a horse ranch in Fraser, Colorado
Horseback Riding in Fraser, Colorado

Do you have any travel plans after graduation? How do you want to integrate travel into your long-term lifestyle? 

I plan to travel on Las Olas Travel’s Jesus.In.Deed. trip after I graduate, and from then on I will mostly be playing it by ear, but keeping continued travel a priority. I think it is important to actively pursue new places and experiences. Rachel travels quite frequently, so joining her on a few of her trips is definitely on the to-do list.

Why do you enjoy working for Las Olas Travel and inspiring others to go abroad?

I enjoy working for Las Olas Travel because it is a unique company that strives to do good in the world and I love being a part of that. Getting to spend time with my sister is also a huge bonus!