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Luna Xing - Customer Service & Placement Assistant

Luna Xing - Customer Service & Placement Assistant

Luna is one of the placement assistants in the customer service department at Go Abroad China. Her main duty is to determine which internship host companies are suitable for different clients, bearing in mind the preferred internship sector and the client’s background and interest. Essentially, she matches the companies to the clients, and is the main communication facilitator between the client and the host company.

How did you get connected to Go Abroad China?

I had been searching for new employment when I came across Go Abroad China. Going through their website, I felt that they were professional and that I would like to get involved in the day-to-day job operations. I realized there would be opportunity for personal growth and was ready to see how I could also contribute to the Go Abroad China team.

Hiking in China

Hiking in China

How do you screen participants? How do you find the most successful participant?

Like any other professional service agencies, we request an initial interview with the participant to get an idea of how well they are able to express themselves and determine the kind of needs and expectations that they have. Furthermore, candidates are also required to have a solid CV, reflecting not only a good educational background, but also some relevant background experience or participation in extra activities. A final interview will also be conducted with the host company before the internship begins.

In general, we pick participants who are engaging, willing to learn, and have a relevant background. These kinds of candidates usually do well in the internship companies and are able to gain valuable work experience in China.

How do you go about matching intern candidates with the right internship placement?

Firstly, we ask a potential intern to fill out a requirement form and they write down their area of study, educational background, and what internship sector they would like; the internship sector is usually related to their major at university. With this information, we start sourcing out our internship partner companies and get a shortlist of companies. Once we’ve contacted a company, we connect with the candidate as well to discuss job roles. The candidate will have a chance to talk to the host company’s HR manager as well for an initial brief introduction/telephone chat even before the client sets foot in China. 

Chinese calligraphy class

Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

What makes China such a great country for an international internship?

I think for the past maybe 10 years China has really been in the spotlight regarding its economic growth, and so the simplest reason for anyone to come is to seek their own opportunities in the growing sphere. 

Name three places of interest a participant should visit while interning in China.

First choice might seem simple, but Beijing really is quite worth it, particularly for anyone more interested in the cultural side of China and learning authentic, standard Mandarin Chinese. A lot of the really important monuments that China is famous for are located in Beijing. Looking toward southern China, I think Hangzhou city is lovely. The weather is quite pleasant, life is a little slower than that in Beijing or Shanghai, and the environment is covered in lush greenery. The third option I would recommend is probably Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, in northwestern China. Xi’an is known for its rich history and culture preservation, and would be great for any foreign visitor.

If you could sum up Go Abroad China programs in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

Educational, rewarding, and fun-filled programs that will leave the participant with deep a sense of accomplishment and a richer understanding of China.

What advice about Chinese culture do you have for incoming interns?

Being an East Asian country, Chinese culture is very different from Western culture so the most important thing is really to keep an open mind, but even I will admit our clients might easily get shocked, especially if it is their first time in China. I think besides keeping an open mind, it is important that our clients take it really easy when they arrive, as it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed. They can start with some light background reading about China before coming, and upon arrival, try the simplest things first and then slowly increase your understanding and experiences.

Friends at a bar in China

Night out with Go Abroad China candidates

What has been your biggest achievement in your role with Go Abroad China so far?

I think I am learning a lot about handling different clients; it can get challenging sometimes but the overall conclusion is a good one because I can feel myself getting better and knowing more than I knew when I first joined Go Abroad China. Whenever our team successfully places a client without any problems then it is always an achievement on our side.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job at Go Abroad China?

I feel the happiest when I have successfully arranged for a participant to be placed in an internship company or a university program. With the internship program particularly, when a prospective intern has passed the interview and secured their internship, and then they also like their job role and speak positively about the experience. This is always a really good moment for me because I feel like I have provided them with the best service that I could possibly do.