Lindy Nelson - 2013 Program Participant

Learning to Surf  at Pukana Surf Schools.
Learning to Surf  at Pukana Surf Schools.

Why did you choose ISA over other study abroad programs?

I chose to study with ISA because they had the option for a 10-week experience. I did the joint ISA and eLAP program. I loved it because I got to study for five weeks and then work in Lima for the following five weeks. I was able to work on my Spanish while studying and then got to really use what I had learned while working.

ISA also offered a lot of excursions. I went on all of them and was able to see so much of what Peru had to offer from sand dunes to the Amazon rainforest to ancient ruins. I definitely suggest taking advantage of the optional excursions. They were a great value.

When I spoke with the ISA program managers on the phone they were so excited for the summer and helped answer all of my questions. I loved my experience with ISA and advised my friends to study abroad with them as well.

What advice would you give to other students going to study abroad in Lima?

The excursions are a must! I got to see so much of the country for a great price. The ISA team was very organized and constantly had planned activities for us. I was able to experience things I would have never even imagined possible because of the awesome ISA excursions.

While in Lima, really become a part of the city. Get to know the culture outside of your school. Go to museums and parks with the other students. Hang out with the locals and speak as much Spanish as you can. It's easy to get in the habit of speaking English with other students, but that isn't going to help you immerse yourself in the culture.

A tip- you are from the United States, you are not solely "American". In Peru, they consider themselves "American" so remember that when introducing yourself!

What made Lima a great place to study abroad?

Lima was constantly alive! There were always so many events going on in all different parts of the city. Every weekend we had so many activities to choose from. The ISA team in Lima is awesome! They are so helpful and fun.

Of all the courses you took in Lima, which was your favorite?

I loved my International Marketing class. We were given many projects. It was more than just writing papers and taking tests. We had to apply what we learned in presentations. Our teacher was very knowledgeable about marketing and gave us advice that you wouldn't usually be given in a classroom setting. The class was at night but I looked forward to heading back to school to learn.

Looking back, how did participating in ISA’s study abroad program impact your life?

I enjoyed my marketing class so much that I decided to get my Masters in Marketing at Texas A&M this fall. I found a subject that I was really passionate about while in Lima, one that I hope have a career in. I learned a lot about myself in Lima and was able to try so many new things.