Kate Story - 2013 Program Participant

Kate believes studying abroad has tremendously impacted her life and personality in a positive way. She has been able to become a more educated, understanding, and appreciative person and she strongly believes that every student should take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a study abroad experience.

Kate and her lifelong study abroad friends.
Kate and her lifelong study abroad friends.

Why did you choose ISA over the hundreds of other program providers out there?

ISA has always been present on our campus. They have a representative attend the university’s study abroad fair each semester, and they provide pamphlets for the study abroad office. Their website is informative and easy to navigate. Their application process is straightforward and they always have staff readily available that specialize in a particular country and are helpful, caring, and reliable. I also received positive feedback from a number of friends who used ISA in the past when they studied abroad.

As a student at the University of Tampa, what advice would you give to other Tampa students who plan to study abroad in London? 

Going to the University of Tampa means our wardrobe consists of crop tops, high-waist shorts, sandals, and other typical warm weather clothes. As you know, England is notoriously known for their rainy, damp weather. To my surprise, the weather was not nearly as bad as I expected or anticipated. My advice is to pack smart. Only bring the essentials. Think layers and take items that go with multiple outfits. The lighter the suitcase the better, and remember you can always buy items there. (Primark is great!).

Why was London a great place to study abroad in the UK?

London was the best place in England to study abroad for a number of reasons. It is the capital city, so there is always something to do. For the three months I was in London, it was never hard to find a new place to explore or activity to do. There was always an art museum to visit, a market to discover, or a beautiful park and garden to walk through. London has the latest fashion merchandise to splurge on and plenty of delicious decadents to indulge in. 

Everything is nearby and just a short walk or tube ride away. In addition to the impressive transportation in London, the country is ideal for traveling to other European countries. On top of it being close to other European countries, London has many airport and train station locations.

What was your favorite class during your study abroad program in London?

Modern art in London was my favorite class that I took while studying in London at Westminster. The module gave me the opportunity to see many different museums and exhibits that I probably would not have seen or gone to otherwise. I definitely grew a greater appreciation and understanding for art. I enjoyed forming my own opinions and hearing others. I learned the history behind different art periods and why certain styles became popular during that time. Lastly, my navigation skills improved because of this course. Since the class met at different locations around London, I was forced to direct myself there, which helped me become more independent.

How has studying abroad impacted your life?

Study abroad impacted my life in many ways. My character and personality have both grown. I believe I have become an overall better and happier person because of my experiences. I have gained a greater sense of confidence and am now more accepting and understanding of different cultures, ethnicities, fashions, and body types.

I now find myself longing to travel and explore parts of the world, which I previously had no desire to visit. I expanded my network and met lifelong friends. I created some of the greatest memories and will always share a special connection with these people.