Kasey Rogers - 2015 Program Participant

A view of Prague, Czech Republic

Typical view of Prague

Why did you decide to apply for an international program?

After studying abroad in Italy way back in 2008, I knew I wanted to live abroad. However, I was stuck in the "American dream" mindset. I finished college, got a job working for the State of Texas, and continued life like a "normal" person. After visiting Europe for my second time in October 2014, I knew that I needed to make the jump; if didn't I would regret it for the rest of my life. When I got back home, I began looking for ways to move abroad and teaching seemed like the best option to make it happen. I researched some different programs and decided on The Language House in Prague, Czech Republic.

Why did you choose The Language House?

The Language House in Prague offered a total package. Sure, I could have just taken a TEFL course online, been certified, and moved abroad. The Language House offered so much more. Housing was included in the cost, which made it so much easier to feel comfortable right away. There were 28 students enrolled, which meant immediate friends! Our school was in the middle of Prague, just steps away from all of the tourist sites. These are just a few "bonuses" of The Language House.

The real meat of the program is what is offered me to help me become a better teacher. I was taught grammar all over again. There is so much that you don't realize you have forgotten. I had over 12 hours of hands on teaching experience. If I had just been thrown in a classroom, I would have no idea what to do. The Language House staff and alumni offered so much knowledge about life after completion of the TEFL course. Overall, The Language House was a total package deal, and that is what I loved about it.

The John Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic

John Lennon Wall

What is your favorite part about Prague?

Prague is in the heart of Europe. It's a quick, cheap trip to Germany, Austria, Poland, etc. Prague also is full of adventure, beauty, and fun all its own; breathtaking views are a normal occurrence. I can truly say I feel blessed to call Prague home.

What Makes The Language House TEFL program unique?

The Language House TEFL program is unique to other programs in Prague because it is in the center of the city, provides housing and tons of hands on teaching, and has awesome staff that, at the end of the course, you will consider family.

The school staff and administration genuinely care about your success.

In what ways did local staff support you throughout your program?

The Language House staff supports their students in many ways: welcome tour and dinner on the first weekend helps you meet your classmates and create bonds, apartment search assistance, computer and printers to use (even after your complete the course!), a description of different types of teaching jobs, intensive grammar practice, methodology training, resume writing, and more. Have I already said it is the total package?

What's one thing you wish you would have done differently?

If there is one thing I could have change about my month in the TEFL program it would have been to live with roommates during the course. I lived with my boyfriend who was also in the course, but I feel that living with new people would have changed the dynamic and helped me to grow more comfortable in Prague.

Karljsten Castle in the Czech Republic

Karljsten Castle

Describe a day in the life of The Language House TEFL program.

  • 9:00 a.m. - leave student housing to head to school
  • 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. - methodology of grammar lesson
  • 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. - break
  • 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. - methodology of guidance lesson
  • 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. - prepare lesson, workout, explore the city, nap, and eat lunch
  • 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. - hands on teaching experience and feedback from instructors
  • 8 p.m. to midnight - prepare lessons for the next day and have dinner

On weekends there was normally a special activity planned by the school that was optional.

What was your favorite thing to do on your free time?

My favorite activity was visiting the different farmers markets and trying different restaurants. There is so much fresh, good food to try and it's hard to pass it up. I also enjoyed taking day trips to go hiking.

What type of accommodation did you have? What did you like best about it?

The price for the course included housing in flats with other students. My housing was about 15 minutes from the school by tram. It was a nice, updated flat with one bedroom plus a full kitchen. My favorite part of the flat was its proximity to the tram and how easy it was to get everywhere I needed to go.

How has participating in a TEFL program impacted your life?

My program helped me to find a job here in Prague. Now, I live and work in Prague and I love it. This adventure is something I will never forget.