Jessica Len - 2012 Programs Participant

Jessica in Front of Big Ben.
Jessica in Front of Big Ben.

How did you decide on ISA’s program in London?

I had two friends who chose to study abroad with ISA and just raved about it. The website was so user friendly, which automatically gave me a good feeling. I really wanted to study in London, not outside, and ISA offered a program that allowed me to do that. They also offered an amazing range of classes, and since I was just going to take general education classes, this was a big draw.

Would recommend ISA to other students?

I 100 percent recommend ISA to anyone wanting to go abroad. The staff in America was quick and helpful with any questions I had during the application process, and the London staff was so friendly and helpful, always having an open door for students to come ask for help or advice. They also had a lot of fun excursions that were well planned out and a great experience.

What advice would you give to other students heading to London for Study Abroad programs?

Even though they speak English in London, there was still a lot more of a language barrier than I was expecting. Sometimes their accent is hard to understand and they also have a slang vernacular that I didn't know of, which left me more confused than I thought I would be. However, the local people there are all so nice and love meeting people from around the world.

What made London an amazing city to study abroad in England?

London, to me, is one of the most exciting cities in the world. There was something new to discover every day and always something happening. I loved London because it was also easy to get to any other town in England, thanks to the bus systems and multiple train stations. There was so much history in the city and it was a great combination of old and new. I spent over three months in the city and probably didn't discover half of what it was to offer.

Which class you took at the University of Westminster was your favorite?

My favorite class was one they offered exclusively to international students, and it was an art class. We met once a week, spoke for about an hour about different art periods and movements, and then were taken to a museum in London (which are all free by the way!) I loved that I was getting credit for spending time walking around museums each class.

How did your experiences abroad and time studying in London change your life?

Well for starters, it has given me the travel bug and the desire to one day MOVE to London. I also met so many amazing people from America and across the world that I still keep in close contact with almost two years later. There is no better way to learn about a new culture than to immerse yourself within it. I grew up so much just learning how to take care of myself in a new country with its own customs. While I was abroad, I was also able to do quite a bit of traveling, which taught me so much about different people and ways of life.