Jesse Jones - 2007 Program Participant

Church bells in Nikolai, Alaska

Church bells in Nikolai, Alaska

What inspired you to begin a career in ESL teaching abroad?

The English language education industry is worldwide. For this reason, it was logical for me to study English language instruction in a foreign country. Not only did I receive training to become a language instructor, but I also experienced a rich new culture. This new environment was a fascinating and refreshing introduction to the international context!

Why did you choose TEFL Worldwide Prague?

After extensive research of programs all over the world, it became clear to me that TEFL Worldwide Prague is one of the best globally available replete with excellent instructors and a robust curriculum. To this day, my training at TEFL Worldwide Prague has served me exceptionally well. In addition to my academic degrees, my TEFL certificate has been one of my most valuable professional assets.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

What was your favorite part about living in Prague?

Prague is a gorgeous city full of castles, intricate masonry, museums, delicious food, art, and plenty of entertainment venues. When not in class, it was so much fun to go around the city and explore all of the sites, shops, and culture.

What surprised you about your TEFL courses?

I entered the TEFL Worldwide Prague program after having completed two masters degrees, so I did not expect to be challenged. As it turned out, the program was one of the most rigorous and rewarding curricula I had ever encountered. Now years later, I have established myself as a professional TESOL industry researcher, so I keep a close eye on these sorts of programs; to this day, I still view the Prague program is one of the best in the world.

How did the local staff provide assistance to you throughout your program?

The staff was excellent. They assisted me before I even arrived in Prague. They had an apartment rental ready for me, they were able to help me obtain local currency, they taught me some survival Czech language expressions, they helped me to navigate around the city, and--most obviously--they helped me to transition into my new profession as an international educator.

Kyungpook National University, South Korea

Kyungpook National University, South Korea

What do you wish you could change about your international experience?

After serving several extremely difficult years in the U.S. public education system, I only wish I had pursued the Prague program sooner! I felt a sense of freedom after the transition!

What was an average day like for you as a TEFL student in Prague?

A day in the TEFL Worldwide Prague program: Wake up early, scramble to get all of my homework papers and other documents organized, commute via metro to the school (make sure I am on time because the staff are punctual!), prepare mentally for an intellectually challenging day, study hard, pay close attention, be a proactive student in the class. Break for lunch (excellent pizza places nearby!), return for afternoon classes. Then after class: prepare new documents and homework assignments, sometimes lesson plans (printing, photocopying, cutting, pasting, research online), then go home and relax for a bit. Then go out with classmates to explore the city at night. Then repeat every day for a month!

What was your favorite activity outside the normal day-to-day schedule of courses?

My favorite activity was to simply walk around the city and explore. There are so many amazing things to see in Prague! One can easily spend dozens of hours wandering around and seeing new things. It's really impossible to see everything.

What type of accommodation did you have?

I had a simple yet nice and clean apartment type rental with one roommate. It was furnished with Internet, comfortable, and immediately nearby a super market and metro line. It was in a quiet part of town, so it was peaceful. I did not have any problems or complaints about my accommodation.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

How has earning your TEFL certificate abroad changed your life and career path?

I have continued to live and work internationally since graduating from the Prague program. As I mentioned previously, my TEFL certificate has been one of my most valuable credentials. This asset, combined with my professional experience, has helped me to get many jobs and has allowed me to become an expert within the global English language learning industry. The TEFL certificate is quite a bit different in nature from a traditional academic degree; in this sense, it has allowed me to diversify my CV and thus pursue opportunities that I would not otherwise be able to pursue with only my university training.