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Hannah DeMilta - Outreach Manager

Hannah DeMilta - Outreach Manager

Hannah is the Outreach Manager at The Education Abroad Network, and a program alum who studied abroad at Bond University on the Gold Coast of Australia. Her study abroad experience inspired her move back to Sydney after graduation where she has spent the last four years working in digital marketing. Hannah moved to Chicago in 2014 to work from TEAN HQ. She loves brunching, crafting, Laksa, travel, and meeting new people.

Feeding kangaroos in Sydney, Australia
Hannah with her new kangaroo friend!

You studied abroad with TEAN at Bond University on the Gold Coast of Australia, how did this experience serve as a catalyst for your move to Sydney a few years later to work in digital marketing? 

Honestly, the thought of living abroad had never even crossed my mind until I studied abroad. While I was at Bond University with TEAN, I also completed an internship with their International Admissions Office. My supervisor Kelsey (who would later work for TEAN too) was an American who studied abroad and then moved to Australia. Meeting her helped plant the idea (perhaps on a subconscious level) that I could make that move too. It wasn’t until I returned that I realized what an impact that experience had on me and that I wanted to return to Australia.

How did you land your first job in Sydney and make that move back to Australia after graduation?

I knew after studying abroad, that moving back was an option. I spent most of my senior year doing the research and networking online to make it happen. I was offering to virtually intern for free for Australian companies, wrote for a Sydney based PR blog and emailed lots of strangers introducing myself as much as I could. I followed Australian companies, and their employees that I wanted to work for on Twitter. It eventually was responding to a tweet from my then colleague Phil, which turned into an interview and then job offer for a digital agency in Sydney. 

Enjoying on a jumpy castle Stonehenge

Hannah on jumpy castle Stonehenge.

You recently moved to Chicago to work at TEAN’s headquarters, what was the cultural experience like transitioning back to a role in the U.S.? 

Overall yes, I’ve had some reserve culture shock. Mostly silly moments, like being shocked at portion sizes all over again. In terms of my work, I do think there are some notable differences in the work culture between Australia and the US, but I didn’t necessarily experience the full effect with this move. In Australia I had been working for a Silicon Valley funded start-up with a focus on the US market. Now I’m working for TEAN, a very global company with employees across Australia (and Asia-Pacific). So yes, not your typical professional transition between countries.

What does a typical day look like as Outreach Manager for The Education Abroad Network?

It’s different everyday. There is a lot of variety in my work; it’s everything from working with our TEAN ambassadors and developing our content plan on social media, to following up with fair leads and making sure our website is updated. I also have days where I’ll be traveling for study abroad fairs, and speaking directly to students.

Your background is in PR and deaf culture, how do you bring your knowledge in these two areas to your work as Outreach Manager?

While I’ve never worked in traditional public relations (media relations). My PR degree has been a great foundation for my career so far. Content creation, curation, and communication are a big part of my role. My minor was in deaf culture, and while it hasn’t helped me directly in my professional life, I’m still happy I completed those studies. I really enjoyed learning about the Deaf community.

Hugging a giant mango monument

Hannah sharing some love with a giant mango!

As the manager of TEAN’s social media, what do you do to connect with potential participants and alumni across your channels?

We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also have a TEAN blog. We also have a YouTube channel that we maintain, but we aren’t adding new content on a regular (weekly) basis. Our focus is on these channels I mentioned for now. I pretty strongly believe in picking a few channels and doing them well, rather than trying to be everywhere. User-generated content is an obvious but important part of our content plan. We are in a great position to curate and share what are students are already creating. This speaks to potential, current and past students. In can be both inspirational and relatable!

If you had to hop on a plane tomorrow, which of TEAN’s programs would you choose to visit and why? 

I’d head to Seoul to visit Korea University. It’s a place I haven’t been yet, and the newest partnership for TEAN. I’ve loved everything I’ve read about it.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your role as Outreach Manager for The Education Abroad Network?

Getting likes on my Instagram photos…. KIDDING! Helping students go abroad is the best part of my job. I know from my own experience what an impact that study abroad experience can have!

Hannah in a traditional Japanese dress.

Hannah at a traditional Japanese Ryokan.